Charlotte Cornfield by Jenna Ledger

“SONG FOR EWE” is the feature where artists & music people beloved by VELVET SHEEP choose an obscure song they’ve been listening to that day. Today’s guest is a singer-songwriter from Toronto whose new album “The Shape Of Your Name” came out on 5th April via Next Door Records.

They’ve toured extensively supporting the likes of Broken Social Scene, Daniel Romano and Sam Amidon and they’re also an accomplished drummer who has worked closely with Tim Darcy of Ought, Molly Burch, Adrian Underhill, and members of Lake Street Dive. Welcome to VS, the aces Charlotte Cornfield!

Have a squizz at the video for “Andrew”…

By all accounts “The Shape of Your Name” was an album that happened as a happy accident after Charlotte ended up with a bunch of new material during a residency at The Banff Centre and nurtured them to full studio life with her former room-mate turned unexpected producer Nigel Ward. They let it grow organically though, and curated it carefully during five different sessions over three years (the last album was “Future Snowbird” in 2016).

There’s quite a list of key contributors too, including Grammy award winning engineer Shawn Everett plus Broken Social Scene members Brendan Canning, Kevin Drew and Charles Spearin, and Montreal songwriter Leif Vollebekk.

The results are beautifully crafted, all-encompassing, and full of subtle space and careful contemplation.

Cover artwork for “The Shape Of Your Name” sans text. A great pic!

But what music makes Charlotte stop and think? It’s definitely got a Smog vibe and that’s no bad thing. Without further ado, it’s over to Charlotte and her “song for ewe”…

“Top 40” by Carl Schilde

My friend Carl Schilde just put this song out independently a couple of weeks ago and I have been listening on repeat.

It just puts me in a zone, with the lush arrangements and drum machine and Callahan/Cohen-y vocals, and the lyrics fit perfectly with the mood of the song. Carl is a master of the bedroom recording, and I just feel like everyone should hear this.

It’s in that Sandro Perri/Nicholas Krgovich/Destroyer world and I think it just fits in beautifully.”


“The Shape Of Your Name” is out now.

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