with CLARK


“SONG FOR EWE” is the feature where artists beloved by VELVET SHEEP choose an obscure song they’ve been listening to that day.

Velvet Sheep may have originally been a grunge, punk & garage ‘zine but I have always had a soft spot for the hard breaks of Sheffield’s Warp label.

One of my albums of 2014 was by Warp Records‘ bleep vet CLARK (with the album “Clark” – his seventh), and the lead song on this year’s “Flame Rave” EP, an acid brass banger called “Silver Sun” is currently the bugling reveille on my idling smart phone. When I interviewed Chris for The Quietus about his favourite thirteen records, we had a right laugh so it seemed only natural to ask him for his “song for ewe”…


Such was the aforementioned “right laugh” had that after talking about sonic architect Bernard Parmegiani and how he’d inspired Clark to use his stationery shop day job to sample up a storm with some cellotape, Chris sent me the previously unearthed track. You can listen to its rudimentary charm here.

And if that wasn’t enough he also sent me the charmingly titled and amusingly executed demo “Winnie The Shit”. I’ll see if I can persuade him to let us host that here…(keeping fingers crossed!)

Hot on the heels of his Field Day performance and to coincide with the welcome announcement of his own London show, I wondered what obscure song Chris would choose for this feature. Especially given that his “Baker’s Dozen” choices had thrown up some interesting curve-balls including Shellac, Harvey Milk, The Cure, Charles Mingus and Nico….

It turns out something altogether more gleefully cheesy, but undeniably a karaoke classic.

It’s over to Clark:

“Journey “Don’t Stop Believing” –

On one level this is a totally over wrought, technically excellent yet emotionally facetious, dry husk of airbrushed shit from the 80’s that I’ve resurrected for reasons I’ve yet to properly reflect on.

It’s inane.

But on another level it’s an inspired masterpiece! I think I fully agree with both of these perspectives.

And it closes the greatest show on earth, The Sopranos.”

Clark tells me his favourite 13 albums here for the Baker’s Dozen feature on The Quietus

and here’s Clark’s space on Warp Records site


you can see Clark play live in London in November, tickets here