Daughn Gibson

Daughn Gibson

“SONG FOR EWE” is the feature where artists beloved by VELVET SHEEP choose an obscure song they’ve been listening to that day.

Today’s guest is a giant-sized crooner with a voice deeper than the Atlantic who was responsible for my album of the year 2 years back, and has just last week dropped another killer installment to his serial, it’s Sub Pop’s Sinatra – Daughn (rhymes with Vaughan) Gibson


Daughn’s new album “Carnation” is full of macabre melodrama, and continues where his 2013 masterpiece “Me Moan” left off…

Here’s my review of Daughn’s previous album “Me Moan” for The Quietus.


Not only is Sub Pop a label which is very dear to us at Velvet Sheep given the fanzine’s early 90s gestation, but I’m a sucker for a voice as deep as Daughn’s given that my favourites are Nick Cave and Iggy Pop and I’m partial for The National.

David Lynch’s original Twin Peaks was also very much a touchstone to the halcyon days of the ‘zine and Pennsylvania’s finest son Gibson could be a modern day Chris Isaak given the evocative, eccentric and eerie nature of the tales he intones.

From “Carnation” I am already loving “Heaven You Better Come In” and “Shatter You Through” where the lyric “all my inspirations” could have been schmaltzy but in Gibson’s hands is taut and full of tension. I can easily see these tracks being up there with the most played on my iPod (remember those?) much like his song “Pisgee Nest” was for me a couple of years back…

Other than reviewing the record for tQ I had no personal connection to the man, so it was a bit of a punt when I asked the PR for a contrib to “Song For Ewe”. When Daughn came back so quickly I was pleased as punch, so it’s over to the main man….who chooses:

“”Bill Frisell – “Blues for Los Angeles”.

Here’s a man who has been ripping various mutations of Americana ambient jazz guitar for a few decades. If this track moves one step to the left we get some laconic Larry Coryell type expressions; one to the right and it’s the Jesus Lizard if they were hatched in an Bakersfield halfway house. Can’t wait to see this dude play in Baltimore in a few weeks.”