DEAF WISH – Lucky 7.
Lucky 7 is our regular feature where bands select 6 songs that have influenced their music then, as a bonus, they get to select their Lucky 7th – one of their own!

Today’s guests are a band who join the greatest roster on Sub Pop since 1991 who combine all the gusto from the Year Punk Broke by creating an eddy (not vedder) but vortex of Sonic Youth “Death Valley ’69”, Unwound “Fake Plastic Ideas”, Killdozer “Uncompromising War On Art…(etc)” and Pissed Jeans. They are up there with PJ and METZ as the greatest current noise bands around, and they’re my favourite new band of the year (new to me at least). You heard it hear first (fnarr, fnarr) it’s Deaf Wish.

Deaf Wish, 2015. Photograph by Helen Grose

Deaf Wish, 2015. Photograph by Helen Grose

Deaf Wish’s album “Pain” is a grower. It’s mesmeric, loud and indignant, my favourite moment being when during “Eyes Closed” comes a gutteral yelp that I’d not heard the like of since David Yow talked of “drowning in molasses”, it’s the catchy lyrics “I’ve got my fucking eyes closed!”

From Melbourne, “Pain” is the Deaf Wish’s first album for Sub Pop, but they’re not exactly wet behind the ears, having been detuning their strings for 8 years. They certainly know the scordatura. With a little help I was able to engage duelling guitarist and joint vocalist Jensen Tjhung into choosing seven tracks he is into at the moment. Given the challenging nature of “Pain” it’s no surprise that Jensen didn’t follow the rules to the letter, not choosing one of their own and selecting a bonus track that’s not strictly rock & roll and yet is as ear-bendingly coruscating as Nirvana’s own hidden “Nevermind” track “Endless Nameless”. He’s gone for dance, dub, digital reggae and driller killers in a truly deaf-defying list. Bring it on…

1. Black Daniel – Gimme what you got (Alex Metric remix)

I hate rock n roll.  Living on the fumes of an adolescent daydream.  See the old grog dogs – repackaging, selling and serving the middleman.  Spew. I want my joy synthesized, I want chordless power tools. Fuck it.  I play full forward now. Things are different. I am the Mits, park me in the goalsquare.  Pure surge.  This is a fool-proof floorpacker: offer it to me and I’ll take it, I’ll eat it off a plate.

2. Peter Metro – Life Fuck Up

Digital Reggae anthems dropping in Korea, Japan and the Philippines. Motorcycles collide in Vietnam.  Traffic, people and a man making chicken sounds with dance to match.  The big city is hectic, all of Asia is dancing to Jamaica. Failures are erased as the bass sinks you into void with a raised fist, YES.

3. Steve Harley – Make Me Smile

I was rained in the Lyndhurst last Thursday after mail from the Economic Oracle went wrong.  The future was different ten minutes ago.  I turn my eyes from the youth at BWS.  I need the medicine.  Come up and squeeze me.

4. Alton Ellis – Cry Tough

Night-train in China, 2013- soju and Alton together at last. Crumbling corners of a place that forgot about God.  Total Recall.  Time.  Cry.

5. Big Star – Blue Moon

Homeless days, under a spell in Ascot Vale.  I wind up the hills listening to this album on repeat.  Teenage, suburban.  Alex Chilton is the blue moon over Memphis.  Yes, that’s how I like to talk.

6. Doris Norton – Norton Apple Software

Touring with the Wish.  There’s a wild road over a swamp leading into the sinking town of New Orleans, it goes forever.  This track takes hold, it’s like the spurs of a roulette wheel clicking on the van tires.  We hoon towards the swamp. Endless patterns layering the already damaged damage of the damage.

7. Precast Concrete Mould – Shree Vishwakarma Welding Works

Witness this awesome clip.  This tune they used to accompany the concrete moulding video brings the joy back into building.  Worksite Radio is the boss of all musical commerce.  The Big Man knew this when he saw the slaves on the chain gang sing out the pain.   These dudes make a sick mould.  I love how they pose with the frame and pull it apart.  Bangin track. Elegant brutality. Like me.

Bonus track* 

Haunting sequel to the Concrete Mould, the Fencing Post and Slab remix is an elevating and broading intructional vid.  Barefoot worksite, the way God intended.  What a tune.