For the fifth exhilarating installment in a series of exclusive mixes which pitch Velvet Sheep versus some of our favourite musical compadres…

Today’s comes from Fuzztonic Tom, the svengali behind the French garage label…Howlin Banana


Recent Howlin’ Banana releases

Here’s what Tom  has to say:

“Howlin Banana is a one-man operation that I’ve in been running since 2011, based in Saint Denis in the suburbs of Paris.

The label is all about French garage, psych and pop, mostly released in Vinyl and tape. There’s an amazing scene here in France for this kind of music these days. My next release will be a 7 tracks 10″ EP by Rennes-based garage pop band Baston, coming out on September 15. (A track taken from the EP will be unveiled today)

As for the mix, it’s just a bunch of garage stuff I listen to these days and that fit well together, hope you’ll like it !”

THANKS TO TOM & HOWLIN BANANA who you can find right here:

Howlin Banana Records