EXCLUSIVE MIX – V.S. VERSUS Takin’ Care Of Business

It’s the first of a series of exclusive mixes which pitch Velvet Sheep versus some of our favourite garage rock compadres…

Stepping into the ring for this debut clash is T-Bird Jones: key member of the Birmingham ColdRice collective, pummeling drummer in Swampmeat, trash surf dude in Los Baricuas, robot operator of a DJ-ing droid named MILO, confidant of Heavy Trash’s Matt Verta-Ray and Eli “Paperboy” Reed and joint promoter of kickass punkadelic soul night Takin’ Care of Business…

Now on to the serious business of a mix featuring: The Dirtbombs, King Khan, Kid Congo, Blues Explosion, Soledad Brothers, Black Diamond Heavies and Reigning Sound plus some bangers from Velvet Sheep live event favs including:



The Big Bang

Velvet Sheep live event 3 - The Big Bang

And Sex Beet


– starting with one of my favourite songs ever…

Brothers and sisters! Get ready to be chased by a 6 foot chicken, swing your bellbottoms and F*** S*** Up!

Play it below, via Mixcloud and play it loud!