FLISS KITSON of THE NIGHTINGALES – New “Song For Ewe” & Velvet Sheep Album of the Year

THE NIGHTINGALES & Velvet Sheep Album of the Year for “Perish The Thought”

“SONG FOR EWE” is the feature where artists & music people beloved by VELVET SHEEP choose an obscure song they’ve been listening to that day. Today’s guest is a true hero of ours, a regular contributor to the zine and a key reason why the band in which she drums and sings, The Nightingales, are in a true Indian summer, if not the absolute form of their post punk lives. Fliss Kitson not only plays the skins out of her skin, sings like a seismic Siouxsie Sioux and offers a lively counterpoint to the deadpan lyrics of band leader Robert Lloyd, she’s the absolute life blood of the band, she connects with a growing audience via social media and embodies the adrenaline buzzed-fun and absolute hard work of a band who live for the road and play for each other. Fliss is the member that every band needs and it’s been quite a year. Not content with a killer must-have 7″ like “Commercial Suicide Man” with punk rock hero and long-time Lloyd associate Vic Godard, the Gales have made Velvet Sheep’s favourite album of the year, the riotous “Perish The Thought” (second time being bestowed with the dubious honour after we absolutely adored “Mind Over Matter” in 2015).

“Perish The Thought” is a bouillabaisse of Beefheart with a soupcon of Stump and a Troggs tempura, with lyrics that are on one level Jake Thackray or Anthony Newley and the other as 2018 as a Boston Dynamics AI mutt that lets itself in through your front door. As multi-skinned as an onion, as complicatedly engineered as Crossrail, this is however something that is steadfastly on time thanks to Fliss’s precision and will only make you cry with tears of joy. Choosing a new “song for ewe” (Fliss’s fourth for VS, a record in more ways than one), Fliss chooses her fav song of this year and it comes from an equally corking album)…welcome back to these pages the effervescent Fliss Kitson!

Here’s the beautiful artwork to “Perish The Thought” on the label of the year Tiny Global…

And here’s one of the big hitters from the album “Chaff”…

And if that’s not enough, this is possibly the best band publicity shot of all time, from earlier this year. I hope that it wasn’t from this position that Robert groaned his way through the song “Eventually”?

Enough blah from me though, what is Fliss’ tune of the year…over to ewe…

“2018 has been a whirlwind. We’ve had a real busy year, I’ve hardly stopped, meaning I’ve really not listened to as much new music this year.

There’s been a lot of hyped up bands and albums, none of which have done it for me to be honest. As I’m typing this I’ve finally got round to playing the new Blue Orchids record and my first impressions are it’s a cracker, ‘Get Bramah’ being my initial fave.

However, one record I bought straight away and played for weeks after unwrapping it is Courtney Barnett’s ‘Tell Me How You Really Feel’. Love me a pop song with top guitar licks, wit galore, bostin’ hooks and backing vocals from The Breeders to boot! Bloody brilliant.”


If you want some Xmas inspiration for presents for your nearest & dearest music fans, here’s a message from the Gales:

Can’t think of what to buy a loved one this year?
Look no further… we bring you our bostin’ Christmas cheer bundle ft. our new album ‘Perish The Thought’ LIMITED TIME ONLY.

X1 CHRISTMAS CARD from yours truly
all for a bargain £30, ouf!

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and in case that’s not enough here’s when Fliss chose “Doop” by Doop…to coincide with the “Commercial Suicide” release…


Author: Nick Hutchings

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