“SONG FOR EWE” is the feature where artists beloved by VELVET SHEEP choose an obscure song they’ve been listening to that day.

Next up is a key member of my band of the year, and one of VS fanzine’s top 3 albums of the year, “Mind Over Matter” by The Nightingales. She’s the voice behind one of it’s best songs, foil to band leader Robert Lloyd in “The Man That Time Forgot”, the siren like mantra behind psych “Stroke of Genius” and the flailing limbed, precision hitting percussion cyclone behind album book end and tour de force “Bit of Rough”. She was the missing piece that meant the band “got great” (again) when she joined full-time prior to “No Love Lost” in 2012, it’s the former Violet Violet drummer, now driving force of the Gales, not just behind the kit but behind the masterful merchandise including the signature slippers and the “No Gove” t-shirts – the inimitable and inspiring Fliss Kitson!

Nightingales - Mind Over Matter

Fliss has been at the heart of three brilliant Nightingales albums “No Love Lost”, “For Fuck’s Sake” and this year’s magnificent “Mind Over Matter” reviewed on VS here. They’ve called it an album of “irritation and rhythm” and if Robert Lloyd provides the whipsmart, razor sharp irritation (and wit), Fliss gives it the undeniable and irresistible rhythm.

The band have been working and playing hard all over this year including UK, Europe and the States plus as the UK’s smallest but coolest venue the Ramsgate Music Hall, and it was no surprise when they were added to the much anticipated bill of the ATP weekend curated by Stewart Lee (April 15-17th 2016) since the comedian’s comedian has always been a fan of the band’s band.

There’s been a bit of a Nightingales (and to be fair The Fall) theme this year on Velvet Sheep. Daren Garatt ex Gale, current Fall did his song for ewe and the mercurial Gales leader and former punk Prefect Robert Lloyd contributed to a popular edition of the fanzine’s Lucky 7 feature, but I knew I had to hear from Fliss as she’s someone with plenty to say and it’s always good. So without further ado, it’s…


“In the Nightingales we occasionally like to pay homage to those tunes that resonate with you, that niggle away in the back of your head all day, but you may not know who the artist or the song is. An ear worm. 

For example we have previously pillaged from In The Night Garden, music we heard in an ice cream parlour in Manchester and most recently lift muzak from a hotel in Prague. 

My favourite, however, is the theme of the Tokyo Olympics 1964 by Helmut Zacharias Orchestra (Tokyo Melody). Cowbell action, spaghetti western vibes and harmonies… what’s not to love? I happened to stumble upon the 7″ in LA when we were over there. 

It features on For Fuck’s Sake (our 2014 self released LP, now sold out) – can you spot it?”