As well as recently being interviewed by Lauren Laverne on her excellent BBC Radio 6Music breakfast show talking about Velvet Sheep (more of which another time), my other favourite radio station is Arts Council founded and The Wire magazine endorsed London community radio station Resonance FM (104.4FM) whose eclectic and erudite schedule is truly ground breaking and as Reithian in its values to educate and entertain as the Beeb itself and yet even more otherworldly in its musical and academic scope. And I may of course be biased as I’ve been lucky enough to feature as part of the sonically marauding show produced and curated by my good pal Johny Brown (of Band of Holy Joy) – BAD PUNK talking about VS and selecting some of its very best “song for ewe” picks, including Finnish theremin, Norwegian lo-fi, German proto riot grrrl, Soviet prog and punk rock from Pedro – see below.


I’m also a big fan of Resonance Extra show Sonic Tapestries which in its pastoral and hippyish calmness is the perfect antidote to the pandemic chaos outside our door…and Mat Eric Hart, a man whose field recording British Library day job seems like the perfect fit has recently dropped by to choose an appropriately becalming “song for ewe”…

MAT ERIC HART – Song For Ewe

and I recently connected with the inspiringly creative bright spark and co-founder of the inspiring Scaledown club night, journalist and musician Jude Cowan Montague who seems to embody the artful brilliance of Resonance FM’s wide ranging, thought provoking brief with her Saturday showpiece “The News Agents” 


In these unnervingly isolationist times, Jude has created a public Facebook group called Friends of Resonance which I implore you to like and follow on the link below:

Friends of Resonance

It’s aim is to connect like minded spirits, and in Jude’s own words it’s best described as:

“A group to share news of shows on Resonance FM, related events and to chat and meet others interested in sonic arts, London Arts Radio, experimental music, creative radio, international and diverse sound-making, writing, drama and conversations.”

Its more important than ever to keep talking and creating, whether by social media or video links, by hook or crook, by Zoom or Tweet, as it’s only in the arts that we can all find real expression, escapism, solace or happiness. Never before has the daily grind of having to make a buck been thrown into such sharp relief than in a crisis where it has become next to impossible and what gives life more of its shape and form and sometimes let’s face it fathomability than the arts, so please do join and start new conversations, projects and schemes. You might as well throw yourself into something creative now when you have the time and let it blossom when things get better and brighter (and you can make hay while the sun shines and other such cliche).

So go on what are you waiting for, join Jude’s gang!

And as someone sonically adventurous, Jude has also got a new record coming which is worth checking out…it’s with Steven Ball (of Storm Bugs) and it’s a project with the intriguing name of Crumpsall Riddle.

Check out this track “Looking After The Duck” from an EP on Wormhole Records…