LUCKY 7 is the feature where we ask artists to name their 6 favourite songs by others, and a lucky 7th song of their own…

Future War Bride

The mystic melodies, the echo-drenched drums, the erotic lick of sitar and the multi-tracked vocals are enough to let even the casual consumers of Future War Bride’s debut album Majahua know they are in for a psychedelic trip. But anyone who thinks Future War Bride are just another bunch of retronauts isn’t listening close enough to the group’s archly brilliant take on acid-pop. Sure, the wild watusi of Legs In Mini-Skirts might bop along to a Farfisa riff sharing a considerable amount of DNA with the Strawberry Alarm Clock’s deathless Incense & Peppermints, but that’s just because the lyric – a gleefully knowing smash n ’grab assault on 60s culture – demands it. Elsewhere, this Copenhagen four-piece drags their psych-rock attack into the 21st century, this lysergic first full-length a deliciously head-fucking rumination on how to keep sane in an era of the Internet, Trump and a million other maladies of modern life.

Future War Bride‘s singer Mikkel Boström takes us through a journey of his musical influences. What follows is a Lucky 7 that’s sure to enlighten…

1. Khruangbin – ‘White Gloves’
Old school groovy tune that makes the world slow down and takes you to another decade. great stuff!

2. Eden Ahbez – ‘The Wanderer’
Been listening to this one quite a bit lately, taken from the album Eden’s Island from 1960. This one almost makes time stand still and the lyrics are so simple but so true. People should skip their yoga classes and spend 32 minutes on Eden’s island.

3. GANDALF – ‘Nature boy’

Was introduced to this band from a friend from London about a year ago. Been listening to this song weekly ever since. It is actually a cover, the song was written in 1947 by Eden Ahbez and is supposed to be partly autobiographical. Think that Gandalf’s cover makes the song even better, especially if you are into some early psych stuff.

4. Can – ‘Paperhouse – Live’
Can’t mess with Can. Love the outfits, don’t need to mention how influential they are.


5. Kate Tempest – ‘Europe Is Lost’
Somebody say something about the state of the world, please! Kate Tempest sums it up in her ‘Europe Is Lost’ track. Everybody seems to be lost, but Kate is on the beat! Brutal. Not to be forgotten.

6. MGMT – The Youth
‘The youth is starting to change
Are you starting to change?
Are you?”

Beautiful song that has it all, great melody and a lot of heart.

Lucky 7: Future War Bride – ‘Thin Air’
Our single ‘Thin Air’ – a is time-traveling thing warping between 60s melodic tangle and futuristic sounds – was, in fact, the first music we recorded, and is, “a classic break up story about the distance between two people getting bigger. Underneath that it is the story of people acting as if they had altitude sickness, getting delusional and paranoid.”

‘Majahua’ is out now and available from iTunes.

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