LUCKY 7 is the feature where we ask artists to name their 6 favourite songs by others, and a lucky 7th song of their own…

To celebrate the release of Screaming Trees legend Gary Lee Conner’s new album ‘Ether Trippers’,  we have the privilege of featuring Gary’s Lucky 7! If that wasn’t exciting enough, Trees fans will also get a kick out of knowing the album is released via his brother and Trees’ bassist Van Conner’s ‘Strange Earth Records‘.

Gary Lee Conner

If you’ve read Gary Lee Conner’s Song for Ewe and interview, you’ll know how important his music is to Velvet Sheep. The Screaming Trees are still one of our favourite bands and we were thrilled when Gary gave us his Song for Ewe, overwhelmed when he agreed to an interview and I’m now doing a little wee as I present to you his Lucky 7. Lucky us more like.

I gushed way too much about the band during my intro for Gary’s Song for Ewe, so I’ll keep this brief but if you haven’t heard Gary’s music before then your music life isn’t complete. For many the Screaming Trees weren’t just at the forefront of grunge with bands like Mudhoney and The Melvins but were equals with big hitters like Pearl Jam, Alice In Chains, Soundgarden, The Samshing Pumpkins and Nirvana. There were, and individually still are, big guys with a big sound who are all still making stunningly good new music.

Over to Gary…

“I’m not much of a reviewer so I just made up some flowery stuff about each song. This is all stuff I was way into when the Screaming Trees first started (and still am of course). I joke sometimes that I never listen to anything recorded after 1970. Only partly true.

I included YouTube links just because I wanted to hear the stuff while I was writing this. YouTube is pretty unreal, I found everything no problem. My musical life would have been much different if something like that was around 30 years ago. I don’t know if it would have been for the good or the worse. Anyway, I hope this works for you.”

Many Happy Returns, Gary Lee Conner

Lucky 7

1. Love – “The Daily Planet”
This song really makes my world go round. So many Love songs to pick from but this on is on top.

2. 13th Floor Elevators – “Slip Inside This House”
When I had only heard of this album I used to imagine what it sounded like. I’m not a religious person but this makes me feel like one.

3. Seeds – “The Wind Blows Her Hair”
Like the Pied Piper I’d follow this song anywhere.

Check out the alternate lyric version with mid sections about Satan winning again, etc. Reprise Version

4. Tomorrow – “My White Bicycle”
I first got this record because of it’s connection to Yes (Steve Howe). It was one of my main pathways into British psychedelia and freakbeat.

5. The Pretty Things – “Defecting Grey”
It’s like a whole album in one song. And the fuzz parts transcend anything before or since. It’s still reflecting in the sky.

6. The Move – “Yellow Rainbow”
Acid dipped sci-fi lyrics mixed with the beautiful melodies and raga guitars. Yikes.

Lucky 7

Screaming Trees – “Transfiguration, Live, Children of Nuggets”
My favorite Screaming Trees song. I think It really reflects what I was listening to at the time. It was also quite an honor to have it included on the “Children of Nuggets” on Rhino records. A compilation of psychedelia from decades after the 60’s.

Thanks Gary!

Gary’s new album ‘Ether Trippers’ is released today and available to buy only from Strange Earth Records, grab it here.

Gary Lee Conner 'Either Trippers'