Dreamy, grungy guitars start the flow of the album, though it’s not long before the psychedelic punk kicks in. Long, hazy vocals that bring to mind the best of the excellent Monster Magnet, maybe even Faith No More at their most melodic. Listening to \\GT// is like being at a sweaty gig after a skinful of beer, having lost your friends and spending the night jumping and falling into other sweaty bodies, who pick you up when you fall. All before heading home for hot drunken shag with someone you’ve just met, ‘Beats Misplaced’ playing in the background.

Often veering into lush guitar soundscapes, reminiscent of Neil Young and Alice in Chains, this is an album for those who don’t insist their music is over burdened with acrobatic vocals. Each song feels perfectly crafted and as soon as ‘Something’s Wrong with My Mind’ blasts on it feels like an instant classic.

Another thing to love is its tight package, everyone loves a tight package. The album ends all too soon but immediately demands another listen. Too many bands feel the need to cram as many songs on as possible, at best populating it with filler and at worse releasing the dreaded Deluxe Album. There I’ve said it, I detest the Deluxe Album release – occasionally a treat, almost always full of shit that should have been left on the toilet floor. ‘Beats Misplaced’ suffers from none of this. An incredibly strong release – how could it not be with a Townsend style windmill guitar on the title track? – \\GT// are the one the best discoveries we’ve made this year.

Rating: 21 Roaring Engines

‘Beats Misplaced’ is released July 31st 2015 on Communicating Vessels