\\GT// – Lucky 7!

Lucky 7 is our regular feature where bands select 6 songs that have influenced their music then, as a Brucie bonus, they get to select their Lucky 7 – one of their own! Today it’s the turn of Scott Lee, frontman for the Birmingham Alabama power trio \\GT//. How rock n roll is this, Scotty actually lives in an Alabama motorcycle shop and frequently admits that the two most important things in his world are his music and his ride, which already promises to make his Lucky 7 something rather tasty indeed. Over to you Scotty!

“I chose these songs because they have been important to me both in my past and my present. They all have a driving feeling to them and they make life better for me.”

1. Kurt Vile & The Violators – ‘Good Lookin Out’
“Every time I get the blues I walk the soles right off my shoes”. I suggest if you have this record on vinyl that you play it in 33.

2. Jimi Hendrix – ‘Burning Of The Midnight Lamp’
The first Hendrix song I fell in love with. It’s a song that shows complete vulnerability. In my opinion, it’s the heaviest song he ever wrote. 

3. Tame Impala – ‘Alter Ego’
Super dreamy. Reminds me of travelling, specifically my time in Spain. This is my favorite songs of theirs and brings up some very happy thoughts.

4. Canned Heat – ‘Poor Moon’
This song’s insane. It puts chills on your spine. Lyrically and conceptually great. It should be an example for anyone writing. I love everything about this song.

5. Joan Of Arc – ‘Just Pack Or Unpack’
I like the various bands these guys are in. This song is one of the best examples of how amazing all of those bands really are. It’s also great because of the “ear treats” it holds and it’s a solid one to listen to through headphones.


6. CAN – ‘Halleluhwah’
A celebration of groove! This song connects with the sexual and perverse side of my brain.


Lucky 7: \\GT// – ‘Real Good Sex’
This is one of my favorite tracks on our album. I wanted a full, thick-toned, yet simple groove. It taps into pleasure but not necessarily sexual. Just doing things that feel as good as getting off. I want people to get off to this song.