HENGE – Lucky 7

LUCKY 7 is the feature where we ask artists to name their 6 favourite songs by others, and a lucky 7th song of their own…


HENGE is a band of extra-terrestrials that bring with them the sacred sounds of Cosmic Dross – a musical form known in other parts of the universe that has, until now, never been heard on Planet Earth. There are no human words to adequately describe the Cosmic Dross experience.

Before he died one year ago, Professor Hawking, the visionary physicist and cosmologist, said he believed that human aggression could bring civilisation to an end and that space travel was needed for the species to survive. HENGE urges the human race to follow Professor Hawking’s advice and colonise space.

HENGE have come to Earth in the name of rave to spread their message of love and harmony. Since their landing, they have been so well received by the human species that they won Best Live Act at the 2018 Independent Festival Awards.

Ladies and gentlemen we present to you one of the most bonkers, most beautiful and utterly brilliant Luckys we have ever been gifted, over to the Mighty Zpor with the Henge Lucky 7…

1. The Evil Usses – ‘Wellard J Fowler’
Human music is intriguing to us. The breadth of creativity that your species possesses is nothing short of astounding! We were introduced to the music of the Evil Usses via a wonderful party in Antwerp called Plane’arium where we were delighted to find ourselves on the same bill. Wellard J Fowler is an Evil Usses BANGER. It contains all of the characteristic joy and wonk that makes their sound so adorable to our alien ears.

2. Paddy Steer – ‘LOUFOQUE’
Paddy Steer is one of our favourite human beings. His music is exceedingly jocular; bursting with playfulness and cartoon glee. We have had the great honour of having him support HENGE on a number of occasions. He has three sublime records (paddysteer.bandcamp.com). His live sets are a thing of wonder – one man performing as a full band. He is as much an inventor as a musician; generating incredible sounds from homemade synthesizers.


3. Felix Kubin – ‘Hotel Supernova’
Hamburg’s finest – Felix Kubin – is a cosmically endowed musician. His transmissions resonate in a very satisfying way with intergalactic travellers such as ourselves. We like nothing better than to play this record when we are entering a new solar system. The music of Felix Kubin makes a fitting soundtrack for the discovery of new worlds.

4. a.P.A.t.T. – ‘Yes, That’s Positive’
Yes, indeed! Positive is the way to go. Frank Zappa posed the question “Does Humour Belong in Music?” and with their album Fun with Music a.P.A.t.T. provide an affirmative answer. We have observed human beings for a long time… your species owes much of its evolution towards higher intelligence to your capacity for playfulness, humour and fun. Why should this be absent from your music? Those who dispute the validity of music which incorporates silliness, frivolity and wit are in danger of following a path towards a limited state of consciousness.

5. Otto von Schirach – ‘Bass Galactica 8’
The bass planet of Galactic 8 is a strange and wonderful place to party. In some ways, it is like Miami in the USA – people gather on sandy beaches to worship bass and the creatures that dwell on the planet wear very few clothes. Otto is a shaman, a prophet and a vampire. His mission is to decalcify the pineal gland of frigid humans using the therapeutic properties of bass frequencies. Having witnessed one of his concerts, we can report that he is having some success in this endeavour.

6. Ganja Kru – ‘Super Sharp Shooter’
The human music known as ‘jungle’ is of particular interest to us. The combination of amen break and dread bass can have a profound effect on the nervous system of individuals. We can report that the joy-inducing sound of jungle is also extremely appealing to aliens. It has been hypothesised that the process of rearranging the sonic material of the amen break is a potentially eternal enterprise. Jungle music has certainly remained unbroken by the clumsy lollop of capitalism (the oaf that has choked many a fledgling genre). Super Sharp Shooter is the ultimate piece of music that we have discovered in this genre. The bassline is a journey in itself, an ecstatic journey that can take you all the way to thrillville.

LUCKY 7: HENGE – ‘Demilitarise’
Human beings are a species with great potential… and yet you squander so much of your resources on making weapons of war, trading arms for profit and creating wars to increase the wealth of a few individuals. All the while the threats to your species are mounting. In order to survive your species must make settlements on other planets. HUMANS! Do not resign yourselves to mass extinction. YOU have the potential. Now is the time to demilitarise, unite and colonise space!

WEBSITE: hengemusic.com
BANDCAMP: hengemusic.bandcamp.com
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