The Lovely Eggs. Photo by Darren Andrews

“SONG FOR EWE” is the feature where artists & music people beloved by VELVET SHEEP choose an obscure song they’ve been listening to that day. Today it’s a welcome return to these pages to The Lovely Eggs – a band that are punk in drublic – and double trouble with plenty of toil. They don’t come much more DIY, The Lovely Eggs are the fanzine dream, taking and needing nothing from THE MAN. Long before self-isolation was de rigeur, Holly Ross and husband and partner in crime David Blackwell truly embraced a stridently independent lifestyle of holing up and taking in the world outside, social distancing commentary of a World dead set of destruction and that was before the current crisis. Following on from 2017’s chop to the solar plexus, “This Is Eggland” here comes a new acerbic, sardonic yet bitingly funny opus called “I Am Moron” (out this Friday 3 April) and it’s packed to the rafters with anthems for these troubled times, literally all off-kilter killer and no frivolous filler. The album features heavily lists of things that The Lovely Eggs think are categorically BAD: Anthea Turner, anabolic steroids, meditation to name but a few (along with Sleaford Mods, they’ve got this wry-toasted Gen X reference book down pat) in the song “You Can Go Now” or Boy George, soft brown hair and comfortable shoes in tune “Insect Repellent”, but also pleasingly retro stuff that gets the equivalent of the Twitter tick – in the song “I Wanna” – GameBoy, Wagon Wheel, Happy Meal etc. It also features a idiosyncratically beautiful song called “The Mothership” which could easily have topped John Peel’s Festive 50 should such a thing still exist – “Fade Into You” meets Chumbawamba’s “Enough Is Enough” for post B for Brexit, currently C for Coronavirus, next D for Doomsday (?) world. A true epic. But if they’re good at listing what they don’t like / like, and also at turning out a real pop gem, what song would they choose in this edition of a “song for ewe”. Let’s find out shall we – welcome back to Lancaster’s finest – Holly Ross!

First check out social commentary meets green screen rambunctious romp “Still Second Rate”…

“I Am Moron” is their second album co-produced and mixed by Dave Fridmann (The Flaming Lips, MGMT, Tame Impala) and was self recorded by the band in Lancaster (as they call it “The Twin Peaks of Northern England”) between Lancaster Musicians Co-op and their home. During the recording, Lancaster Musicians Co-op was threatened with closure, so the band put their album on hold to fight the eviction which goes to give a measure of the band and their watertight ethics and genuine force for goodness.

While the band were writing the album, they became fascinated by the curious Mars One global initiative which aims to establish a permanent human settlement on Mars. Applicants are offered a one-way ticket- never to see earth again: a real fascination for a band focused on their own self sufficiency and their own singular mission. It’s reflected in the wonky spectral synths and the outerworldly Hawkwind-esque sonics not to mention the awesome album cover artwork designed by regular oppo Casey Raymond. They come in peace, shoot to kill!

That is not to mention that “This Decision” is my favourite song of the year so far (and what a year it’s been to date) – a true slice of chest thumping punk rock about the inherent helplessness of the majority set against the illusion of self determination. Get me eh? It’s about unfairness.

And on the theme of modern life being rubbish, and to cut to the chase after severe blah-ing, what tune has Holly gone for? Without further ado, this is Holly Ross’ “song for ewe”…

“I’ve chosen the track “Everything is Bullshit” by Particle Kid. I discovered this tune over the summer.

I was feeling a bit fucking bummed out by a lot of things at the time and it was late and I had drunk a bottle of red wine and was thinking life wasn’t much about anything really. And then this song came on. And it was like a revelation. It almost a spiritual experience really. That absolute crystal clear realisation. It was the perfect reminder I needed.

Everything really IS all bullshit and as long as you know that then everything is all gunna be OK.”


The Lovely Eggs “I Am Moron” is out this Friday and you can (and should) get it right here:

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