Imperial Wax photograph by Elmore

LUCKY 7 is the feature where we ask artists to name their 6 favourite songs by others, and a lucky 7th song of their own… today it’s a band that are already absolute Velvet Sheep favourites and whose debut album “Gastwerk Saboteurs” (on Jeff Smith’s Saustex Records on 17 May) is most definitely our album of the year so far. They are: Keiron Melling, Pete Greenway & Dave Spurr, the longest serving and last ever line-up of The Fall, plus Sam Curran (Black Pudding), named after one of the best ever Fall albums (and their first) Imperial Wax Solvent, no less solvent but definitely vicious and viscose it’s Imperial Wax!

Imperial Wax photograph by Elmore

Given the propensity of “Gastwerk Saboteurs” to career between noisy genres like a stockcar striking an Armco barrier sending sparks asunder, it’s no surprise that these peacoat wearing punk warriors who don’t suffer fools gladly, have got an impeccable musical taste.

The music that they played in their hard-won and worn campaign as The Fall was always tight, tough and loud, raised on classics like the Stooges, Beefheart and Can, nodding to the US Midwest noise hinterland like Cows/Amphetamine Reptile, the NW American garage of The Sonics, Melvins and Mudhoney and the knowing weirdness of Thinking Fellers Union 282. It was no surprise that through meeting kindred spirit Jeff Pinkus (Butthole Surfers) who was in the UK North West playing with the Melvins, they ended up on Saustex Records. It feels like as a band they’re doing things right. Taking their time, finding their voice (or at least honing a voice they had already bubbling under), continuing their deeply ingrained band discipline and work ethic and making the right choices.

They’ve certainly made some great music choices here (including my absolute favs Royal Trux)…

My song is ‘Lost my Treble Long Ago.’ By VULFPECK. Obviously the Bass Player’s picked this one, but you’ve got to pull some Funk out of your trunk every now and then.

Been listening to the new Feels album recently (Post Earth). Deconstructed was a stand out song for me, I love short spitty punk songs, really nice guitar work as well. The whole album is great, it’s minimal post punky garage at its finest. Listen to it.

I love doo-wop music, I could swim in it forever, the dumber the better.
I love this record, but I’d have to sell my house to own it (doo-wop 45’s go for a pretty penny)

Idrissa Soumaoro at L’eclipse De L’ija – Nissodia
I had this L.P on heavy rotation around the time we recorded our new L.P. the rhythms and overall joy found within were a big inspiration to pick up the guitar and start writing again.

I’ve been looking forward to the new Royal Trux album ‘White Stuff’ for months. After hearing the first track ‘White Stuff’ it sounds like the perfect next step from ‘Pound For Pound’. Not only have they still got it, they’re absolutely on form! We played the same stage at Manchester Transformer festival a few years ago with The Fall. They were great! And we bumped into them backstage. Winner!

I picked this song ‘Annas Simple Rules’ from the (Hepa.Titus) album ‘Champagne Of Incest’. This is my favourite album of 2018! The whole album is fantastic but having a dark sense of humour and an ear for the twist, I had to pick this song.

The Lucky 7th: Imperial Wax “The Art of Projection”, the explosive opener from “Gastwerk Saboteurs”…

Thanks so much to Imperial Wax and to Mark and Lauren

You can get “Gastwerk Saboteurs” via the band site below (make sure you do…)