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“SONG FOR EWE” is the feature where artists and music peeps beloved by VELVET SHEEP choose an obscure song they’ve been listening to that day.

Today it’s the turn of a bassist who never breaks rhythm and never misses the punchline. A self-effacing mainstay of the Chicago punk scene and now a regular part of Bob Mould‘s band, part of the most settled line-up with the indie & punk legend since Sugar. He’s also played with Superchunk and Guided By Voices singer Robert Pollard. Way back when he was in a band called Verböten  that was part of a rich Midwest scene that also spawned Big Black & Naked Raygun. He also has his own band called Split Single with his Bob Mould band mate and Superchunk superchum Jon Wurster and Britt Daniel of Spoon (a super group?).

Currently in the UK for a tour to promote Bob Mould’s ace new record “Patch The Sky” (the third in a trilogy of brilliant albums by the band in the last few years), it was his birthday yesterday, and according to wag Jon Wurster the only way to celebrate was to drive to Cardiff! It’s time for one of the funniest men on Facebook, and hardest working men in the pop punk business to choose his “song for ewe”. Step up to the mic, it’s not BVs or crunching basslines it’s a “song for ewe” from Jason Narducy!

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Bob Mould tends to surround himself with inspiring people, and when I interviewed him for his Baker’s Dozen for The Quietus he enthused about working with Wurster & Jason Narducy.

Catch the full article here.

They clearly have some fantastic chemistry, as testified by some electrifying performances on the late The Late Show with David Letterman, where masonry flew (almost), but reputations were solidified, and our man Jason had the temerity to throw down a bass solo. Whatta man. No wonder Letterman had to quit. It doesn’t get much better.


Split Single, Jason’s band deserve great things, and it’s a little known fact that he inspired Dave Grohl to start making his own music.


With a dose of Cheap Trick meets GBV, it’s subterranean pop punk perfection – all hooks and smarts.

While showcasing his natural talents on stage playing Bob’s “Patch The Sky” hopefully he’ll pick up some new admirers, loads more potential Grohls to unleash on our world and keep the big rock rolling down Highway 61, Route 66, the M6, Expressway To Yr Skull and my way or the information superhighway.

He knows it’s a long road as testified by his dry as a bone status update from the other day (literally the day after the Superbowl)

“Sorry for the late announcement, guys: Split Single did not get the super bowl halftime gig”.

If anyone deserves a break more than Lady Bey, it’s Jason Narducy.


My cup of praise do spilleth over, so without further ado, while he’s in Britain (playing the Brooklyn Bowl, Greenwich, London tonight, then Bristol for 6Music Festival on Saturday and Southampton on Sunday)….


“Lotus Crown “Won’t Give Up”

This song never leaves my playlist.  I just can’t shake it.  To my ears, it is beautiful and sad and inspiring.  This song is like a warm bath – one that I would never draw for myself but once I’m in, I wonder why I rarely take warm baths.  

It was written by Jimi Shields, an Irish musician who came to Chicago in the 90s.  Chicago is my home so I was fortunate to see the band a number of times. Jimi recruited Zack Kantor (my bandmate in Verboten when we were kids) to play drums and brought in good friend Lennie Dietsch to play bass.  I’ve long been a fan of producer Dave Fridmann and his distinct creativity is clear on this recording.  I have these personal connections to this tune but I don’t think about them when I listen because great music makes you think about yourself.”