Sleaford Mods

“SONG FOR EWE” is the feature where artists beloved by VELVET SHEEP choose an obscure song they’ve been listening to that day.

Today’s guest is Jason Williamson of Sleaford Mods, the minimalist/post-punk/electronic/new wave/rock-n-roll/poet/hip hop duo who specialise in sticking two fingers (8 if they use all hands) up to everyone.

Sleaford Mods

The Nottingham music scene has exploded in the last few years and at the front of this is the visceral, angry and lyrically inspired/aggressive/hilarious Sleaford Mods. I’ve seen frontman Jason knocking around Nottingham for years, way before I knew about his second life and the truth is he seems like a decent bloke and certainly not the “Mentally ill” shouter Noel Gallagher has him down as. Case-in-point, back in the early 00s in a trendy bar, mullets were back in fashion and Jason had one of the finest, it wasn’t quite Bon Jovi-esq but it was impressive none-the-less. Someone knocked into him while he was enjoying a quiet drink – suddenly the Mods’ frontman sprung to life, grabbed the guy by his collar and screamed in his face like the twisted apparition from Aphex Twin’s ‘Come to Daddy’ video – except he didn’t, he shrugged his shoulders and got on with his drink.

Still regularly seen keeping it real on the number 58 bus, it’s clearly still all about the music. They’re also one of the most exciting and unmanufactured bands to achieve major success in the last twenty years and a complete antidote to the chart bollocks. We LOVE this band, so you can imagine the total excitement myself and my rock-n-wool compadre Nick felt when the label sent through the Sleaford Mods’ Song for Ewe. Over to you Jason…


JME – ‘Again’
“This tune is from his last album ‘Integrity’ and I love the way he really brings up the chorus. Sure, it’s got that vocal effect very much en-vogue with R+B/Pop at the minute and indeed over the last decade or so but it adds to this tune I think. His original vocal chorus melody peddles under it in its bare form and is a great example of the power of simplicity.”

Thanks Jason!

We’ve also had a cheeky pre-release toke on the Mods’ rather excellent new album ‘KEY MARKETS’, it’s f’in great and will be putting up a full review soon.

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Pre-order ‘Key Market’s as a digital download from iTunes and on vinyl and CD from Cargo Records Direct