Royal Trux, back in the day, back in bed. Photograph by Patsy Desmond

“SONG FOR EWE” is the feature where artists beloved by VELVET SHEEP choose an obscure song they’ve been listening to that day.

Today’s guest left an indelible impression on 90s music and is still ultra relevant this very minute – it’s that psychedelic, funkadelic & punkadelic embodiment of rock & roll, the hard living and larger than life veteran of disorder…or check out my interview about last year’s top notch Black Bananas album, also for my buddies at The Quietus


Black Bananas with Jennifer Herrema. Photograph by Jess Holz

Black Bananas with Jennifer Herrema. Photograph by Jess Holz

I first got into Royal Trux by inhaling the song “Air” from their 1992 untitled album (the one with the skulls on the cover). It was like the Stones recording a take for “Exile” while trapped on their French beds by sleep paralysis. Smacked out, blissed out, way out there. A love song in the loosest sense of the word but one which soundtracked a hormonal summer. When I saw them perform on Channel 4’s The Word I was hooked forever.

Jennifer Herrema and Neil Hagerty were literally too cool for school, the ultimate in slackerdom rock trashed up to the nth degree – sometimes gleefully unlistenable (“Twin Infinitives”), othertimes incessantly catchy (the genius “Accelerator”). Living at that junk-infused intensity couldn’t last forever though and the band and partnership imploded, with the slack taken up by Herrema’s RTX and now Black Bananas, and Hagerty’s more obtuse Howling Hex.

Last year I was lucky enough to interview both Neil (for a Pussy Galore “Dial M For Motherfucker” retrospective) and Jennifer on her favourite albums and about the incredible Black Bananas record “Electric Brick Wall” with it’s stand out summer anthem “Physical Emotions”. Jennifer regaled me with anecdotes that were both visceral and revealing.


Despite the fact that Neil had played on a song on the Black Bananas record (albeit remotely), a Royal Trux reunion definitely did not look on the cards. Fast forward to ’15 and they are getting the band back together to play the pleasingly titled Beserktown II festival in LA in August. Nobody saw it coming but everyone wants to see it happen. No definite plans to record new material it seems, but one thing is for sure nothing’s ever definite in the cats & dogs-shit crazy world of Royal Trux.

Jennifer always seems to have loads of projects on the go, and last time we spoke she was writing a song for the upcoming album by The Avalanches. This time around, ever the triple threat and upon asking for a “song for ewe” she revealed (exclusively it seems) that she has some big plans for the small screen…

Over to Jennifer:

“I just got a part on the new Judd Apatow Netflix TV show and they sent the script this morning….. I will be singing JET by Wings on the show haaa soooo that’s what I’m listening to right now LOL”

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THANKYOU JENNIFER! One of my all time rock heroes.