Great Velvet Sheep pal, punk, polemic and poet, the erudite and ebullient Johny Brown (Band of Holy Joy) has a curious and eclectic new record incoming ahead of the much anticipated in these quarters follow up to VS album of the year “Funambulist We Love You” (due in the summer and called “Neon Primitives”).

If you’ve heard Johny’s long-standing, incredible radio show “BAD PUNK” on Resonance FM, you’ll know he’s a connoisseur of esoteric soundscapes and evocative spoken words, with his own Northeastern burr a radiophonic tonic.

This hors d’oeuvre to the new BoHJ album is not quite spoken word, it’s not poetry, nor prose, but it is words – “Slurred Words” to be precise (or imprecise as it were). And the effect is sonically mesmerising.

Inspired by Danny Pockets at The Foundry and pop artist Robert Rauschenberg, Johny’s oratory is one unconstrained by meter or rhyme, permeated by ambient building noise and happy accident, puncutated by the ad hockery-pokery of half whispered statement “Heretic static” and given his propensity for capturing a mood and a moment, this is a remarkable record. One that’s made even more momentous by being recorded analogue and lathe cut on 1940s RCA valve kit.

“Slurred Words” (does what it says on the tin/lathe) is out on Dog Tunnel Records on 5 May, and to preview bits and play other tracks from the label, Dog Tunnel appear on BAD PUNK on Resonance 104.4 FM tonight at 10pm…

You can get “Slurred Words” by Johny Brown here: