“SONG FOR EWE” is the feature where artists & music people beloved by VELVET SHEEP choose an obscure song they’ve been listening to that day. Today’s guest is a first generation Latina singer songwriter from Chicago whose debut LP “Next To The Sun” is out July 12th via Sooper Records (home of Nnamdi Ogbonnaya, Sen Morimoto & Miranda Winters). Her music is infused with Venezuelan and Guatemalan heritage and yet is totally Chicago soul, we are honoured to welcome to VS, KAINA!

With mixed language tracks that are a mixture between mournful and beautiful, part Joan As Policeman, part Princess Superstar – totally chilled in vibe, yet neon in spirit, KAINA’s music is an enchanting trip hop & R&B pot pourri. She’s worked & sang with the likes of Saba, The O’My’s, and Sen Morimoto, working behind the scenes with Jamila Woods and Ravyn Lenae, KAINA’S music transcends genres and borders.

For more evidence, should it be needed, check out the video for first single “Green” by director Jean Deaux (not Jon Doe) that depicts people of all ages & backgrounds literally breaking bread with one another…a metaphor for KAINA’s all inclusive musical family… it’s enough to make your soul sing.

But with such an eclectic musical DNA what tune has KAINA enjoyed lately…without further ado, here’s KAINA’s “song for ewe”…

“Plastico – Rubén Blades & Willie Colon

When I was really little my parents would throw huge parties until 5am, blasting Salsa music and a bunch of other things, I hated it. But as I grew up I became so inspired by all the rhythms and the horn lines and honestly some of the most creative song structures. My memory from my childhood can be terrible so I’ve been doing this thing where I pick a salsa or latin song I know and put it on “radio” – it’s super cool to have a function like this now because I do end up stumbling across a lot of music I recognize from being little.

The song I picked however, I don’t ever remember hearing and was super confused about when it first came on because it was disco and I put on salsa, but then a few moments into the song there was the craziest drum break and it suddenly transition into that classic latin groove. I had read about salsa and latin musicians being infused into other genres but never actually heard it so this is something I love to show people because it really throws you off but the blend actually makes so much sense.

The lyrics Blades sings are fun too because they’re pretty reflective of the writing style in English disco/funk music where the artist is making up a story or character, in this song he’s talking about people who are plastic, only care about superficial things like cars or marrying someone rich. His phrasing reminds me of something like Superfreak by Rick James because its like this super exaggerated storytelling about a this out there and extra person. The production however, is what really inspires me, it is cool to see artists from another time blending genres how I try to now or other artists in 2019 do.”



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