“SONG FOR EWE” is the feature where artists & music people beloved by VELVET SHEEP choose an obscure song they’ve been listening to that day. Today’s guest is chief sing-speaker of a world gone dayglo navigated by the neon splattered electro-punk band Guerilla Toss who’ve got a brand new album called “Twisted Crystal” (their sick sixth) out now on DFA Records. Channelling Laurie Anderson and Ari Up, our guest today has impeccable music nous and delectable taste and you won’t be disappointed by the out there song choice from the compelling Kassie Carlson!

Here’s “Come Up With Me” from “Twisted Crystal”…

To get some sense of the multi headed hydra of influences that fire up Guerilla Toss, you only had to get your lugholes around the recent mixtape they did for Bleep, which dangerously veered from Serge Gainsbourg to Francis Bebey, The Congos, Tom Tom Club, Grace Jones, The Clash and Cluster (the krautrock band who hint towards Kassie’s “song for ewe”. And if that sounds like a collar grabbing aural assault, wait until you get a load of this visual clusterbomb from the genre and channel hopping vid “Meteorological”…

And if you’re wondering weather Kassie’s chosen a good one (weather geddit?), without further ado, this is her “song for ewe”…

“Watussi” is taken from “Musik von Harmonia”, the debut album from the krautrock band Harmonia. The band was formed by the addition of Neu! guitarist Michael Rother to the band Cluster. The mesmerizing qualities of krautrock, aka kosmische musik/cosmic music, and the sweet metallic crunch of this track make it one of my favorites.

“Watussi” is both playful, murky, steady and mechanical all at the same time. Described by Brian Eno as being one of the most important rock bands of its time, Harmonia’s sonic landscape is one that is mimicked by many, but truly executed by few.

I plan on using this album to enhance my dream sleep on tour… and to drown out all the boys snoring! I could certainly listen to Harmonia for six weeks straight and never get tired of it.”

Guerilla Toss are currently on tour:
10/12 San Diego, CA @ Whistle Stop
10/13 Tijuana, MX @ Moustache
10/14 Phoenix, AZ @ LBX
10/15 Tucson, AZ @ Club Congress
10/19 Austin, TX @ Hotel Vegas
10/20 Denton, TX @ Dan’s Silverleaf
10/21 Fayetteville, AR @ Smoke & Barrel
10/23 Nashville, TN @ The End
10/24 Asheville, NC @ Mothlight
10/25 Durham, NC @ Wicked Witch
10/26 Richmond, VA @ Gallery 5
10/27 Philadelphia, PA @ Johnny Brenda’s
10/28 Cambridge, MA @ Elk’s Lodge
10/30 Providence, RI @ Columbus Theater
10/31 Brooklyn, NY @ Market Hotel (DFA Halloween Party!)
You can get “Twisted Crystal” here…
If you like Kassie’s song choice, you might enjoy this one by the aforementioned Michael Rother (Neu! / Kraftwerk)