“SONG FOR EWE” is the feature where artists & music people beloved by VELVET SHEEP choose an obscure song they’ve been listening to that day. Today’s guest is the guitarist & singer from an invigorating new San Francisco band called Nobody’s Baby. Ever since Martin Bramah of The Blue Orchids chose Jimmy Dell “I’ve Got A Dollar” and it spurred me into buy a comp called “50s Punk Vol. 4 / Booze Party” I’ve been looking for someone contemporary who takes that doo wop meets Dax via punk rock esprit de corps and it looks like they’ve arrived. And then some.

With a debut self titled EP out on 16th August, Nobody’s Baby are a product of the duelling guitars and intertwined minds of Peter Niven and someone whom we wish to extend an ultra warm welcome to Velvet Sheep, bienvenue and willkommen, Katie Rose!

Check out the lead single “Life of a Thousand Girls” from the “Nobody’s Baby” EP…

Nobody’s Baby combine members of The Atom Age and Dirty Denim and were born in the Bay in 2018 to play the self styled doo wop of death grips.

Niven and Rose’s songwriting chops roll from classic rock tropes like “live fast, die young” to unrequited love and stubborn heartbreak, while drummer Ryan Perras captures the ageless timeless, endless nameless toe-rag, rag-tag teenage rebellion that sounds like The Shangri-La’s meets Madder Rose engineering the debut EP at District Recording.

They’ve recently been on the bill with bands like Naked Giants, Twin Temple and The Undertones, and they’ve just come off a West Coast tour with old pals The Atom Age.

What insight can we get into this new outfit and it’s twin musical fulcrums? The song choice is tellingly an acerbic duo effort, so without further ado, it’s over to Katie Rose for her chillingly effective “song for ewe”…

“I get fixated on certain artists or songs for a few weeks at a time. I pick them apart in my mind and determine why they resonate with me so much. What draws me to a song is honesty.

The integrity and truth behind the artist’s message is what grabs me. I’m not looking for a certain sound, gear, scales – none of that. The vulnerability and authenticity is what I am drawn to.

I chose “Hit The City” by Mark Lanegan for many reasons. I am drawn to the song’s structural simplicity- it doesn’t need all the frills- the lyrics and vocal expressions fill in all the context you need. Simply put – I relate to this song about self-destruction, masochism and the tendency to destroy and be destroyed.

The anguish of destroying everything in your life, yet the skin still crawls like an inescapable truth — a relatable expression of manic depression and addiction. This song is honest. It’s got guts. It got me.” – Katie Rose


“Nobody’s Baby” EP is out on 16th August and is available here…


Here’s the band’s site…


and Insta, cos why not…