“SONG FOR EWE” is the feature where artists & music people beloved by VELVET SHEEP choose an obscure song they’ve been listening to that day. Today’s guest is an indie icon, best known as the legendary singer of cult band Daisy Chainsaw whose single “Love Your Money” (1992) I fell in love with when I first saw it on The Chart Show (probably after having fast forwarded on a VHS to the once every third week indie chart). I used to try to ape the breathless “love, love, love all your money” refrain with my mate Andy at cadets while doing PT for our Duke of Edinburgh’s awards (alternating with Rebel MC “Street Tuff”). Daisy Chainsaw memorably then performed it on the post pub slugfest The Word and then toured the UK supporting Velvet Sheep favs Mudhoney and kindred spirits Hole. When I was Channel Manager of MTV2 in the late 90s, our guest rocked up again as leader of the band Queen Adreena and picked up some video rotation. These days since recording with Hector Zazou and Test Department and solo material under the name Lalleshwari (not to mention penning a poetry book called “A Whispering Frayed Edge” (an apt description of the higher range of her singing style), she’s got a new 4th album called “Baby Darling Taporo” out with an ongoing band / collaboration with Chris Whittingham called Rubythroat . I was so pleased to be able to find and connect with her and even more chuffed that she’s agreed to appear on these pages, welcome to Velvet Sheep – the uniquely brilliant Katiejane Garside!

Here is the video for “Also Elizabeth, Daughter of the Above” from “Baby Darling Taporo”…

And because why not, here’s “Love Your Money” the reason I took Katiejane Garside to my heart in the first place!

The cover of “Baby Darling Taporo” below depicts the punk rock Te Fiti,  Katiejane after a metaphorical (and maybe metaphysical) circumnavigation of the globe in a beautiful (pea green?) boat, conceived and recorded on travels in the outer Pacific reaches of the Marquesas, Niue, Kingdom of Tonga, New Zealand, and the Atlantic jetstream charms of St. Helena and the Azores…

You can get it right now, right here…

But enough poetic pontificating from me, what of Katie’s “song for ewe”…without further ado…

“Dear ewe

I hope there is kindness and things are bearable

all things stopped when i first heard Janet Baker’s voice

she is in direct communion…her voice absolutely brings me to tears…in another life i would love to have been schooled, disciplined, learned to sing ‘properly’…I am however unschooled DIY punk and i except the freedom and limitations of this…

being made of scraps of disinformation is hazardous and itinerant…so Janet Baker is a goddess and i cling to her hems

love to ewe



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