Peggy Sue photo by Zora Kuettner

“SONG FOR EWE” is the feature where artists & music people beloved by VELVET SHEEP choose an obscure song they’ve been listening to that day. Today’s guest is from a band whose name is a female moniker synonymous with rock & roll – whether it be Buddy Holly extolling the virtues of a sweetheart or Jon Spencer yelling it from the top of his voice on Blues Explosion stormer “Train #3” – Peggy Sue! This Peggy Sue are a core duo of long term pals from West London namely Katy Young and Rosa Slade and their fourth album “Vices” (first since 2014’s “Choir of Echoes”) is incoming early next year headed by wistful yet gut-punchy single “Motorcade” – all on the label French Exit. The video is a mesmerising collage affair that is part tip-toe through the tulips, part glitch, and a bit Derek Jarman “Blue” for good measure. Peggy Sue make music that is Lush “Hypocrite” meets Heavenly “Atta Girl”, Best Coast versus the Breeders, and in “Motorcade” a soupcon of Sebadoh’s “Careful” for good measure and it’s a heady brew. So what could I do, but ask for a “song for ewe”! Welcome to these pages Katy Young!

Although Peggy Sue have been away for a few years, this was a conscious time away from the hustle and bustle of a group that they’d started as teenagers, and to get to next year’s “Vices” they’d not so much woodshedded as living roomed – just the two of them writing simple songs on the sofa – back to beguiling basics. They also took inspiration from Deep Throat Choir, the 30-strong singing group, which both have performed as part of for the past four years and which they could lose themselves in, in a kind of zen lie sing-state. “Vices” is an album of light and shade, a splash of water on the face and a dapple of sun on the back – love had won and lost, and with the instant hit, spontaneous thrill of simple indie pop tunes they are certain to be filling hot sweaty rooms just as they did before their chilled hiatus.

“Motorcade” is a break-up song “about recognising the difference between what you need and what you want,” and we definitely both want and need more of this tune in our life. But what tune did Katy Young choose? Without further ado, here’s Katy’s “song for ewe”…it’s a cracker…

“Short Country Song- Emmy the Great

This is a small, tender love song with a funny, cruel streak, which is exactly what Emmy the Great always did best. I think it was a b-side from her first album. At the time I listened to everything she put out and tried to learn how to write and sing rude lyrics without blushing.

It feels like it’s captured one single lazy day and night with the lyrics and the arrangement – the slow count in, and the background noise and the low humming backing vocals over the chorus. It’s really nostalgic now, but I think it felt that way even when I first heard it. It’s the combination of tiny mundane details and sweet touches that make it for me – the porn magazine and the sun in her eyes, but also the offer to ‘come and let me try to make it fixed’ – there’s something that feels really true about combining all of those conflicting things and emotions into one short song.”


“Vices” is out on Feb 24th and you can pre-order it (complete with zesty artwork) here…


24 Mar Cambridge: Portland Arms‬
‪25 Mar Brighton: Green Door Store‬
‪26 Mar Bristol: Louisiana‬
‪27 Mar Cardiff: Clwb Ifor Bach‬
‪28 Mar Manchester: Kings Arms‬
‪29 Mar Leeds: Hyde Park Book Club‬
‪31 Mar Birmingham: Hare & Hounds‬
‪01 Apr Liverpool: Studio 2‬
‪02 Apr Glasgow: Hug & Pint‬
‪03 Apr Newcastle: Cluny‬
‪04 Apr Coventry: The Tin‬
‪05 Apr Sheffield: Picture House Social‬
‪09 Apr London The Dome‬

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