Kill. Everyone. Now. mode. Jim Morrison’s back from the dead and he’s pissed off, royally pissed off. This is the KEN mode experience. Raw yet poetic vocals layered over dark, heavy riffs & pounding rhythms that never forgive & never let up. Recorded with legendary engineer Steve Albini (Nirvana, Jesus Lizard, PJ Harvey, Pixies, Fugazi, everyone else important), Albini’s attachment is reason alone to listen to KEN mode’s relentless brand of heavy metal, especially considering the shared tone with Albini’s own band, the rather excellent Shellac. Seeing the band in the flesh has to be a must but as always Albini excels at capturing the live experience, as does the mode’s video for ‘Blessed’.

Don’t be fooled, there’s fun to be had here drowning in the heaviness and deep within the spleen shattering lyrics, there’s a darkly delicious humour to be found. It’s not hard to hear why the band have won so many heavy metal awards and, as this could be their best album to date, more will be on their way. Buy. This. Now. mode

Rating: 1000 metal hammers

‘Success’ is released 15th June 2015 on Season of Mist.