“SONG FOR EWE” is the feature where artists & music people beloved by VELVET SHEEP choose an obscure song they’ve been listening to that day. Today’s guest is a St. Louis born, NYC based singer songwriter who has sang a duet with David Bowie on her excellently titled 2003 album “Breasticles” and has ever since worked with legendary Bowie producer Tony Visconti.

About to release new equally snappy moniker-ed and Visconti co-produced album “Live At The Witches Tit”, she’s also toured extensively supporting Morrissey who said of her in his autobiography “Everything about this singer is new. The solid fixity of her presentation is as striking as having a safe drop on your head from a tenth-floor window. She belongs to no other time or fad. She is Maria Callas, if not for the keyboard that she plays like a set of drums”. She’s also worked with Dave Grohl (on 2014’s “The Knife Shift), appeared on live TV with Pat Smear, and played with a Yeah Yeah Yeah. Hard to put it as poetically as Stephen Patrick, but welcome to Velvet Sheep to the peerless Kristeen Young!

The new album which includes “NICE” above, also includes Nick Zinner from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs on guitar on a double brace of tracks, and fresh off a residency at the Hi Hat in Los Angeles, Kristeen is about to do the same at London’s The Islington, every Tuesday this month (including tonight, 14th Feb).

Tickets are available here:


“Live At The Witch’s Tit” is out later this year, but in the meantime, and without further ado, it’s over to Kristeen for a heart felt “song for ewe…”

“I’ve been thinking about this lately because the front person just died, but also because I always think of it. From time to time I get close to covering this song, and then I don’t because I don’t really cover anything. Ultimately, I don’t believe in covers for, most likely, unfounded reasons that have nothing to do with Majesty Crush.

BUT, I would love to sing these wonderfully insightful, pin-pointed lyrics, “I get on the train… Seems like your boyfriend right there. I’ll put tears in his eyes. I’ll make you forget. He’s like a fish out of water. Watch him flip. Watch him flop… I’ll clutch him by the gills. Cut his head from his tail. Feed his head to the seals and his tail to the whales”

And the music is gorgeous and full of emotion, even if there were no singer at all. But, WHAT a singer/front person; the best I’ve ever seen: David Stroughter.

When I saw them play it was a sadistically HOT Midwestern night and David was wearing a vinyl trench coat and plastic gloves whilst giving stage lighting orders to a lighting person that didn’t exist. Every person in the room was transfixed.

Majesty Crush, from Detroit, Michigan, was a formative band for me, one of the first live “rock” shows I ever saw. They should have been extremely successful and very well known. They were great in every way. I learned early that often the most talented and best go mostly unknown.”