“SONG FOR EWE” is the feature where artists & music people beloved by VELVET SHEEP choose an obscure song they’ve been listening to that day. Today’s guest is an artiste packing plenty of deft heft, jazz licks and heavy emotional jabs. From New York, Kristina Koller has released a lead single called “Stronger” from her new second studio album due this autumn, and it’s deeply personal and gets me right in the feels. It flip flops between reflective solemnity and righteous fury, and it’s a tale of her own recent heartbreak, where at first demoralised, by the end totally revitalised. If you like Tori Amos, Toni Braxton or Anna Calvi you are in for a treat. Welcome to VS, Kristina Koller

As well as the spiritual transformation that transpires over the course of “Stronger”, Koller has also been going through a musical evolution.

Kristine Koller started out in youth musical theatre in NYC, before performances as a teen singer-songwriter and vocalist in local alternative rock bands. She dived into jazzy musical touchstones with Ella Fitzgerald, Anita O’Day, Sarah Vaughan and Chet Baker eventually joining a quartet that gigged locally in Westchester, NY. This led to a scholarship at The Hartt School’s Jackie McLean Institute of Jazz completing her formal music education at The City College of New York. Koller brings it all to bear with her unique arrangements and striking sound, which on her 2018 debut “Perception” definitely tipped more to the jazz. The new one, hinted at with this year’s EP “At The Poli Club” is definitely also permeating the indie rock vibes to make something pretty singular and dramatic, bohemian and yet angular.

With such an eclectic palette I was interested to hear what tune Kristina had chosen for VS, and so without further ado, it’s over to Kristina Koller for a “song for ewe”. Strong one…

“The Song: She Works Out Too Much
Artist: MGMT

I love when you hear a song and you just laugh because it’s so relatable. This is one of those tracks. MGMT has a way with words and production. Right when the song starts you feel that you are stuck in an 80s video game. The whole 80s vibe goes throughout this album and I bet they did it on purpose, to be ironic.

“She Works Out Too Much” is a tribute to how terribly superficial people are these days when it comes to dating. You can find one trait about someone and blow it out of proportion. One of the lyrics is “the only reason we didn’t work out, was he didn’t work out”. Tell me you haven’t said a dumb remark like that before in your life haha! How can you not want to listen to this? It’s so catchy!”



You can stream / buy “Stronger” by Kristina Koller below


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