LESS WIN – Lucky 7

LUCKY 7 is the feature where we ask bands to name their 6 favourite songs by others, and a lucky 7th song of their own. Today we feature Less Win!

Less Win

Initially forming as a duo backed by a drum machine, Morilla (guitar, vocals) and Kociszewski (bass, vocals) released a string of EP’s, splits, and their debut album ‘Great’ (released in Denmark via underground label Pad & Pen) before finding the final piece of the Less Win puzzle in drummer Matthew Moller (Of The Wand and Moon, Sink Ships). Their frenetic live show has since built a strong reputation in the Danish underground and the scenes of Germany, France and Benelux, and 2015 saw their first steps into the UK with the Further EP release. “A four-song nail bomb” said the NME, whilst Stereogum likened their “harrowing howls” to “a lost lo-fi Mission Of Burma classic”, alongside praise from Clash, Loud & Quiet, Punktastic and more.

Over to Less Win’s Patrick for his Lucky 7 which features Velvet Sheep faves The Nightingales!

1. John Cale – ‘Dying on the Vine’
John Cale is a very captivating man. I love (almost) all of his work, but ‘Artificial Intelligence’ especially strikes me as a masterpiece. The drum machines and the sounds produced on this album helped shape history to come. Other than that, the man is a legend both in the studio and as a leader of the avant-garde.

2. Venom P. Stinger – ‘Walking About’
Matthew (Less Win, Drums) introduced me to Venom P. Stinger a while back and I instantly fell in love with the aggressive, but in a way, jazzy drums. Every time I hear that song I’m always trying to figure out how the drummer (Jim White) manages to put all those poetic snares in at the same time. Jim White is a legend.

3. CC Dust – ‘Never going to Die’
CC dust is a brand spanking new band out of Olympia, Washington. The singer, Mary Jane Dunphe is also the singer in Vexx, one of the many great hardcore bands coming out of the States. The music is synth pop, made to make you think of heaven. I’m excited to hear more stuff from them!

4. The Bodies – ‘I’m Burning Up’
Lads from England pushing the boundaries of how rock-n-roll should sound. Aggression and poetics in a way I’ve never heard. The guitar work is powerful and catches your attention from the first note. Take a listen to the whole ep. It’s no less than fantastic.

5. The Nightingales – ‘In the Good Old Country Way’
Casper (Less Win, Guitar & Vox) introduced me to a radio show that had Lawrence from Felt as a host. He played all his favourite artists and one of those was the Nightingales. It captivated me immediately with great bass lines, inventive drums and hooky guitars. I recently bought this record (‘In The Good Old Country Way’) and it has quickly become one of my favourites. It’s a mixture of country and post punk and it’s an absolute delight.

6. Broadcast – ‘Michael A Grammar’
A very straightforward song, and the simple observations definitely work in these lyrics. It has such a brightness on one side, and on the other there’s darkness and uncertainty. I find this duality fascinating.

LUCKY 7: Less Win – ‘Rituals’
A single from our new album ‘Trust’, which is out June 17th. It’s an unusual song as I took on the role of being a crooner. I thought it fitted the song, and the cold I had at the time of recording went well with it.


Copenhagen trio Less Win announce their debut UK album, TRUST, for release on June 17th 2016.
Pre-order TRUST here.