Rebellious, loud and rammed with killer riffs, Evil Blizzard’s new album ‘Everybody Come To Church’ is a crazy, funky, alien-metal corker with a dollop of ska thrown in for sexy measure. They also look awesome, scary but awesome. The masks raise the obvious Slipknot comparisons but this is Slipknot done Preston style – laced with dark humour and being far creepier, they’re Slipknot if they were spawned from the loins of Grotbags after a night of mixed juices donated by Ozzy Osbourne, David Bowie, Lemmy, Johnny Rotten, Suggs and Jason Voorhees – Amanda Krueger has nothing on the mother of these guys.

Evil Blizzard Theatre

Over to EB for their Lucky 7. But before we do here’s a quick reminder of the rules, Lucky 7 is our regular feature where bands select 6 songs that have influenced their career then, as a dirty bonus, they get to select their Lucky 7 – one of their own. Except Evil Blizzard rebelled and gave us albums instead – they’re so rock-n-roll.

This is also a very special Lucky 7, as it’s our 7th Lucky 7, how Lucky 7 is that?!

Why did we choose these songs?
As ever it’s tricky to choose your favourite songs or albums. Loads we left out, loads we wouldn’t admit to. As you can see we have a very eclectic taste in the band. The tour bus is a battleground, with masks to hide the scars.

All of these are old albums, because all modern music is rubbish. Including our new album. Which is available from all shoddy outlets now!

1. Gallagher and Lyle – ‘Breakaway’
Prowler: Great cover, great songs, great rollerskates.

2. Funkadelic – ‘Funkadelic’
Kav: Fuzz, wah, echo, grooves, filth [VS: Genuine laugh out loud!]. “If you will suck my soul…..I will lick your funky emotions.”

3. Steel Pulse – ‘Handsworth Revolution’
Stomper: Has everything you need to know about playing bass with classic tunes ‘Prodigal Son’ and ‘Ku Klux Klan’.

4. The Stooges – ‘The Stooges’
Blizzpig: Loud, boring, tasteless, unimaginative & childish, everything you want from a debut album. It created a template for all the great bands that followed. No Stooges = No Ramones t-shirts in Top Shop.

5. Abba – ‘Abba Arrival’
Filthydirty: Abba were better than the Beatles, especially because Paul McCartney wasn’t in them [VS: I just spat my tea out]. They remain a constant influence on my songwriting and wardrobe. This is a near perfect album, perhaps with the exception of the title track which shamelessly rips off Big Country.

6. David Soul – ‘David Soul’
Side: Biggest selling artist of 1977 and one half of starsky and hutch. The original didn’t have don’t give up on us baby on it but was added later for those who hadn’t bought the second which did have it on. All in all a classic for black bean soup alone!

7. The Sex Pistols – ‘Never Mind The Bollocks’
Mopman: *points to cover of ‘Never Mind The Bollocks’ *(mopman dont speek nd cnt rite or tipe veri wel)

Sex Pistols - Never Mind The Bollocks

VS: It’s tradition at this point that the band picks their Lucky 7, one of their own. Except Evil Blizzard rebelled/didn’t understand the rules/Mopman got involved and screwed things up [EB delete as appropriate], failing to pick a Lucky 7 and going headlong into a Lucky 8 instead. So for our very special 7th anniversary Lucky 7 here’s Evil Blizzard with their, erm… Lucky 8.

Lucky 7 Lucky 8

8. Evil Blizzard – Stupid People
A song taken from the new album “Everybody Come To Church”. An anthem aimed at people who believe they are not what this song is about, 3 minutes of throwaway pop in the best tradition  of all our influences.

Thanks guys, you truly rock!

Evil Blizzard’s new album ‘Everybody Come To Church’ is out now via Louder Than War Records.