!NEWS! MAC McCAUGHAN of SUPERCHUNK plays first UK solo show on 11th November, ahead of his “Song for Ewe” on VELVET SHEEP ‘zine.


I’ve been a cast iron follower of Superchunk since “No Pocky For Kitty” was a soundtrack to my early 90s romantic awakenings.  Heart felt, earnest, frantic – the record was also great. Band leader and the boss of one of my favourite ever labels Chapel Hill’s Merge Records, Mac McCaughan is a blue collar indie rock hero. An everyman always worn his heart on his plaid sleeve, I could relate to him and his short haired spikiness and tales of unrequited love or barely disguised disdain.

I recently reviewed his band’s most recent (and still rocking) record “I Hate Music” on The Quietus but it turns out Mac doesn’t hate it, in fact he in particular loves early 80s UK indie and he loves it enough to have stirred him to put out his first ever solo album “Non-Believers” (on Merge natch). Of course it was always there, the plaintive vocals hidden below the Buzzcocks buzz saw guitars and their spiral scratching, that yearned to be in Echo & The Bunnymen, “The Forest” era Cure and early New Order.


Mac has promised to choose a “song for ewe” while he’s over, but I want you to go and see him while he’s here in the UK. He’s playing a one-off solo show next week, Wednesday 11th November at London’s Courtyard Theatre and if “Non-Believers” is anything to go by, it’s not to be missed. And you have to believe me on that one.

Watch Mac’s video for “Box Batteries” here…as a taster, it features some world class gurning from a Brooklyn based performance artist called Anya Liftig – a full on set of facial gymastics that shows Mac might have found a new(ish) musical leaning but has lost none of his trademark humour.

I can’t go to the gig unfortunately, as I’m filming a kids TV art show in Bristol, but I’ll be listening intently to “Non-Believers” and pondering whether Mac will be choosing OMD, Cocteau Twins, The Blue Nile or Sisters of Mercy as his “song for ewe”, or whether he still can’t resist the lure of The Undertones or Pete Shelley. You’ll have to tell me how it goes, but please make sure you go straight from the FOH of the front of the stage.