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LUCKY 7 is the feature where we ask artists to name their 6 favourite songs by others, and a lucky 7th song of their own…today it’s Marc Teare, the founder and boss of an ace label called Hive Mind Records, whose wares I’ve been merrily spinning since they arrived on my radar via Ajay Saggar’s bands King Champion Sounds and University Challenged (who’s song “Choppers Over Negril” was the VS song of the year last year).

The label started out in Brighton in 2017 originally with the aim of releasing music by Maalem Mahmoud Gania onto record and to a wider audience but such is Marc’s passion but he couldn’t help but get carried away. This year alone there have been some phenomenal albums sure to grace many an end of year list by the likes of Acid Mother Reynols (Japan/Brazil), Md After Hussain and PAQ (Rimini, Italy) and Yara Asmar (Beirut, Lebanon),  Gustavo Yashimura (Peru), WET TUNA (Vermont USA) and Misha Sultan (from Siberia now exiled in Kaş, Turkey). Just from the place names alone you can see the net is cast wide, the taste eclectic in the extreme, an education in pure audio joy, wilfully un-categorisable, totally unforgettable.

And these join one of the most eclectic rosters on any label anywhere including Hassan Wargui from Morocco (himself chosen by Ajay as a “song for ewe”), Rodrigo Tavares, Moulay Ahmed El Hassani and more. Not only does Marc find, release and champion many untapped, or at least un-vinyl-ed master musicians, he also even gets DIY with the artwork at times, most notably on the lurid dayglo punk meets Deadhead bootleg style of the WET TUNA release.

There is no master aesthetic, no unifying coda as such, and yet each and every release is undoubtedly Hive Mind, a mark of unseen quality, instinctive family. Whenever I get an e-mail from Marc I just know it’s gonna be great, whether it’s rumbling shamanic psych, sparse electro acoustic soundscape, or dustbowl desert cinemascope, and although a lot of it could be considered “world music”, it’s undoubtedly world music as handpicked by a discerning punk rocker. Can’t help but think that Peel would have been a fan, and there’s certainly a few of my fellow DJs on Repeater who’ve been digging the HM output no end.

Marc Teare of Hive Mind Records. Photo: Model’s own

In a year of frankly elliptically bending time, there are still more gems to come from Hive Mind, namely São Paolo, Brazil based M. Takara & Carla Boregas with an aquatically evocative album called “Grande Massa D’Agua” (“Great Body of Water”)…of which more later.

But never mind the hyperbole-ollocks – here’s Marc Teare from Hive Mind Records with a Lucky 7 tunes that he enjoys:

“Absolutely no way I can pick my 6 favourite songs/tracks – that way madness lies! So you’ll have to make do with some current favourites, things I’ve heard over the past year or so that have made me feel good or whatever.

Here goes:

1. Big Break – The Gaffer

Top notch heads down punk rock action from Sheffield coming out of the Delicious Clam collective. Capturing the spirit of the age. Go and see them live!

2. Holiday Ghosts – North Street Air

Just a lovely slice of wonderfully dreamy and hopeful indie-pop. Holiday Ghosts have a sound that’s reminiscent of so many great bands I love but they have great tunes all their own and they do it all with a sense of humour and without sounding contrived.

3. Ben LaMar Gay – Aunt Lola & The Quail

Ben LaMar Gay is just one of the most fascinating artists operating right now – he seems to be working out in a realm all his own just doing totally his own thing and I love that. This track is maybe one of the standouts from his most recent album, Open Arms to Open Us, but really its an album that you should immerse yourself in start to finish.

4. Mariano Gallardo Pahlen – Mistery Dec​í​s

What’s this? Only some absolutely massive orchestral pop from Uruguay courtesy of Mariano Gallardo Pahlen.

5. Bomba Carambomba – Angel Canales

I have been absolutely enamoured with the sound of salsa over the past couple of years, some weeks I’ll play little else. Angel Canales was a well respected Colombian salsero and this track illustrates perfectly what I love about this music – there’s a depth of emotion in the vocals that speaks of the complexity of human existence,the band is tight but they also strive together to reach these really ecstatic peaks. Perfect sounds!

6. Orchestre Baobab – Sibou Odia

I’ve been fairly obsessed with this track of late. Perfect Afro-Latin sounds from Senegalese legends Orchestre Baobab. They really stretch out and take their time on this one and there’s plenty of fuzz-wah for the rockers.

And the Lucky 7th… 

Here’s a sneaky preview of a track from Hive Mind’s next release, scheduled for late November/early December. The new album from elemental Brazilian duo M.Takara & Carla Boregas titled Grande Massa D’Agua – its extremely difficult to pin down what they do, which means they’re perfect for Hive Mind! This track is Areia Preta:


All the Hive Mind Records releases available here:

And while we’re on the Hive Mind tip here’s a Lucky 7 from Ajay Saggar in University Challenged mode to celebrate last year’s Velvet Sheep song of the year (he also picks a Hassan Wargui tune!)