Altern-8, an original drawing, exclusively for Velvet Sheep by Gavin Strange

Altern-8, an original drawing for Velvet Sheep by Gavin Strange

“SONG FOR EWE” is the feature where artists beloved by VELVET SHEEP choose an obscure song they’ve been listening to that day.

Today’s guest is an early 90s dance legend. As half of probably the first ever bona fide rave band Altern 8 he combined a love of Kevin Sanderson with 808 State, he helped make a dust mask an icon of acid house, he made dance music fun and yet laid down an earth-shakingly monstrous low end – check your bass bins I’m telling you…it’s Mark Archer.


In 1991, I was in the air cadets and we were on a summer camp at some random RAF base. We were allowed out on our own in town, it may have been Milton Keynes, and I used my pocket money to go to Our Price and buy on CD single the song I couldn’t get out of my head all summer. It was Altern 8‘s “Infiltrate 202” on “The Vertigo EP” and I not only still have it, it’s still got the Our Price price sticker on it. With it’s intoxicating mixture of a killer Candi Staton sample, air-horns, cheeky Manc and posh boy speaky-bits and a bass line so low it could bring on a bout of IBS, I was hooked. Not only that but the “Vs. Astrix & Space Remix” took the techno back to its spiritual home of Detroit.

I have to say that along with “LFO” by LFO and Mind of Kane “Stabbed In The Back” (on Deja Vu Records) “Infiltrate 202” is still one of my favourite ever records. Not least because it and Altern 8 had that punk rock spirit running through their DNA. I love it so much that I had to write about it in the Best Dance Remixes article for The Quietus.

I was honoured that Mark Archer (along with Chris Peat one of the men behind the masks) agreed to let us in on a song he’s enjoyed lately. This is his “song for ewe” and it’s had a remix I’m tellin’ ya…

It’ over to Mark:

“Been listening to this today (cutting up 2 copies)

Divine Sounds – Do or Die Bed Sty

First heard it when DJ Cheese from Word of Mouth cut up 2 copies in the DMC World finals in 1986 and had to get a copy straight away. Divine Sounds were probably better known for a track they did called “Dollar Bill” that was on the “Streetsounds LP Electro 3″”