LUCKY 7 is the feature where we ask bands to name their 6 favourite songs by others, and a lucky 7th song of their own.

Today is a pop-punk band from the genuinely named Pity Me, near Durham – a bit more reflective than the abrasive Saltburn. Martha have a new (second) album called “Blisters In The Pit Of My Heart” coming out on Fortuna POP! on 8th July and it’s been produced by MJ from the excellent Hookworms. You’ve got to love a band that sing literally in their own voice & accent about their own stuff, and Martha do that in spades and are aces. To me they are the Northeastern Superchunk, but what do tunes make Martha tick? It’s time to find out in their Lucky 7:

MarthaStevenLandles3 small

1. Thin Lizzy- Dancing in the Moonlight

We all love Thin Lizzy and this is a beautiful song about awkwardness, love, embarassment and growing up- which are the kind of things we often write about. It’s also the best song named ‘Dancing in the Moonlight’ ever written BY FAR.

2. Radiator Hospital- Our Song

This song really captures this bittersweet feeling of a previously treasured relationship ending. It’s so sad and manages to convey so much in such a simple but heart breaking way.

3. Lydia Loveless- Wine Lips

This is just a good honest about really wanting to get snogged. Lydia Loveless is Jimmy’s favourite country singer and her honesty is a big part of her appeal. Whether she’s feeling vulnerable, horny, pissed off or whatever, her transparency is so powerful.

4. Big Star – In The Street

This is a great song about getting wild and being weird and just hanging out. Big Star was a huge influence on our new record and narrowing it down to just one song was really hard. This one speaks to our experience as weirdos who make rock music.

5. Exploding Hearts- I’m A Pretender

This is just a fucking great song by one of the bands that inspired us to start Martha. Perfect blend of punk and power pop.

6. Heart- Alone

We love Heart and it’s hard to say which era of Heart we love the best, but this is one of the most well-known and classic songs. Nancy Wilson is one of our fave guitarists. It’s just an absolute banger.

Lucky 7: Martha- Ice Cream and Sunscreen

This is the second single off our new record. We tried some different stuff with this record and this is a bit of change of pace for us. You’ll see what I mean. The song’s about getting too much in your own head, over thinking stuff and inevitably being a let down.