“SONG FOR EWE” is the feature where artists & music people beloved by VELVET SHEEP choose an obscure song they’ve been listening to that day. I met today’s guest when he was engineering the superlative BAD PUNK show with Johny Brown of Band of Holy Joy for Resonance FM and I was lucky enough to be a guest talking through some “song for ewe” highlights (on his birthday too). By day he’s an archivist for the British Library’s Sound Archive. Forever armed with portable recording devices last year he traversed Japan taking field recordings for his beloved place of work. A veritable audio adventurer, Mat also plays his own melancholic ephemeral music with Tom Ball as Blue Movies, has been a member of Band of Holy Joy, notably fashioning electronic fissures on albums like “Europe Is Yours Now”, and has also been known to play live soundscapes on BAD PUNK. He’s got a record coming on the top notch Dog Tunnel Records, but most bewitching of all is his monthly radio show Sonic Tapestries on Resonance Extra (last Tuesday of the month, 10pm-midnight) where his mellifluous voice floats over some incredibly soothing pastoral sedative psych and hypnotic healing grooves. Think the “Hit Reset Mix” of Mary Anne Hobbs with exponential mind expansion. Given the uncertain and uncharted times we face right now, the ambient palliative sounds of Sonic Tapestries can certainly help sooth troubled minds, so I’m glad to bid a warm welcome to the regenerative powers of Mat Eric Hart!

Mat is also offering a free D/L of Blue Movies track “Fire In The Mountain” (“made before the World went West) on Bandcamp – btw more kudos to them given that they are giving their share of money to the artistes today to help an industry in the air with the Covid 19 crisis – although you might want to make a donation if you’re feeling generous.


Mat has got eclectic interests and impeccable taste so I was keen to find out his choice of tune, and I wasn’t disappointed, so without further ado here’s Mat Eric Hart’s “song for ewe”…

“This is a track by YL Hooi called “Stranger Love Joys” released on Australian label Altered States Tapes, and features in this month’s upcoming Sonic Tapestries show.

It’s a beautifully cosmic, hypnotic track. part of one of my favourite releases from last year. Trippy in all the right places…”



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