The Melvins

Grunge legends The MELVINS return in style with an album that delivers loud, raucous guitars and isn’t afraid to show off. Mixing 90s grunge with 80s metal to perfect effect, the Melvins channel the Who one minute, then Black Flag and Kiss the next – all in the same song. This is a band who doesn’t give a fuck, that’s free from caring about major label bullshit and are making music on their own terms. I’m fifteen again and it’s like being switched onto grunge for the very first time; Devil rock hands and air guitar lust, this is an album for people who love their music and believe anything even mildly related to Cobain was the best thing to ever happen to it.

Ambitious, even self-indulgent in places, with song titles like ‘National Hamster’ the Melvins have earned the right to do whatever they want. If the Washington sludgers were a bunch of 18 year old punks, they’d be heralded as the next big thing and every A&R guy/gal in the galaxy would be wetting themselves to get the band signed.

Just to prove their innate awesomeness, as soon as ‘The Bulls & The Bees’ glorious 8 songs come to close, you’re treated to their 2001 classic ‘Electroretard’, all in one tasty orange package. Live the band frequently has two drummers and King Buzzo always has hair like Sideshow Bob, there is absolutely nothing to dislike about this band and everything to love. A stunning release.

Rating: Electrorockcityshocktarded

‘The Bulls & The Bees/Electroretard’ is available now on Scion A/V.