MINATORE – Lucky 7

LUCKY 7 is the feature where we ask artists to name their 6 favourite songs by others, and a lucky 7th song of their own…

Beer and rock, beer and rock, is there anything better in this world than beer and rock? Probably not, and this is exactly what Nottingham’s Black Iris Brewery delivers when it opens its doors. With a vibe similar to our very own Velvet Sheep nights, each Black Iris gig epitomises the inebriated brilliance of living in Nottingham. The gigs however started to develop a theme, the opening act were often the best on the bill and the day I saw Minatore was no exception. Despite going on early the band drew arguably the biggest crowd of the night, as the two piece thrashed through a set that brought to mind the rawness of ‘Bleach’ era Nirvana.


Made up of singer/guitarist Tommy Keeling and drummer Morgan Pettigrew, you only have to check out their Facebook page to see there’s more meat to the bones of these young men. 2016, and in particular Brexit, felt like the validation of ugliness so it’s good to know bands like Minatore not only care about their fellow man/woman but are willing to stand up and fight for them.

Trust me when I say this band is special, I could see it on that drunken night at Black Iris and checking out their new single ‘Featherstone’ I can see it again now.

Over to Minatore’s Tommy and Morgan with their Lucky 7…


1. Reuben – ‘Dusk’
This tune by Reuben is a good representation of quite a few things we incorporate in our music. Tommy has always been inspired by Jamie Lenman’s playing style and sound. From my perspective, both Tommy and Jamie have a nice balance of melody and riffs in their playing. As for Guy Davis, their drummer, every time I hear his drumming I just think “dude, that’s what I would’ve played!” I guess we both approach our music in a similar way. As a band, Reuben aren’t afraid to explore different dynamics, musically and emotionally. As Tommy so eloquently put it, regarding their diversity – “instead of alienating people with their different styles, it’s like they bring loads of different types of people together” – that’s our main aim.


2. At The Drive In – ‘Enfilade’
One thing we really love about this song is the way it kicks in with a nice fat, complex beat on the drums, followed by the sludgey driving bass line to give it a nice rounded feel. The weird guitar sounds in the pre-chorus, accompanied by subtle samba-esque percussion, are an example of the weird and wonderful combinations we strive to stylistically achieve.

3. Verdena – ‘Il caos strisciante’
First time Tommy heard this band, he had no idea what they were singing, (because they are Italian) but fell in love with the dark sadness within the singers voice. They are a big influence on Tommys Fat Riffs and melodramatic vibes. Verdena are always taking that harmonic minor scale and making it into something powerful, in a good way, that gets your blood pumping.

4. ZZ Top – ‘You Should Be Made Into A Movie’
Aside from the soul-wrenching guitar bends of Billy Gibbons, and exceptionally fluid fills by Mr. Frank Beard (one of the most underrated drummers of all time), our favourite aspect of this tune is definitely the production of the drums in particular. Bob Ludwig and Billy produced the album, but this track is really something special. There’s a dark, stormy feel to it, but the silver lining is surely the passion with which they play – which is evident in every single beat and note, thanks to the wonderful raw production.

5. Veruca Salt – ‘Shutterbug’
Louise Post knows how to construct the perfect blend of melody and riffs. The vocal harmonies between Post and Gordan are something that, as two non-professional male singers, we strive to achieve – no matter how impossible the dream. The strong rhythm section chugs through the song; loud and quiet, heavy and melodic sections are all put together in a beautiful flow, even when parts shouldn’t work, the band raise their game. Its constantly building. Louise Post is a Genuis.

6. Talking Heads – ‘Making Flippy Floppy’
This song has a head-bobbin, foot-tappin figure of eight style rhythm. The same can be said for a lot of Talking Head’s music, and the lyrics are always honest and well delivered. All these aspects can be found somewhere in our music. Talking Heads are a weird and wonderful band – it’s crazy because they’re kind of a punk band, and whilst their songs are catchy, and to some may seem simplistic, the more you listen to them the more layers you start to notice. When we write our music, we want it to be catchy (for us and for the listeners), but we don’t want that to stop us from exploring the sounds and rhythms we can make, so we try balance it kinda like Talking Heads do.


Lucky 7: MINATORE – ‘Featherstone’
This is our first real single, which we self released, actually Tommy also shot and made the video. The song began as a concept named after a bottle of wine, and it’s the song we really worked hard at. Once we had settled on the structure of the song we realised that it was a really unique sound and we couldn’t think of another band that sounds like it. The lyrics are about a woman we saw passing the little room we rehearse in, wondering why she looked so sad and tired.


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