MINT SOURCE – June’s Top Ten Tunes “straight from the Sheep’s mouth”.

Yeah Yeah Noh – In A Loop In Time
At home I mentioned that the Thatcher era post punk bands were back with a vengeance, to which came the reply “in your world maybe”. That’s right, but they are rocking my world again. While The Nightingales have released my favourite album this year, and The Membranes have put out another contender today, Leicester’s own Death to Trad Rockers Yeah Yeah Noh quietly put out the brilliant “Automatically Saturday” and this is the second track from it – great pop, swashbuckling vocal interplay and whipsmart lyrics – Nick

Monochrome Set – He’s Frank (Slight Return)
Classic Set song, awesome guitar riff and as always the inspiration for so many great things to follow. Surely an influence on The Cult’s ’She Sells Sanctuary’? – Phil

Squarepusher – Stor Eiglass
A song and video that are an assault on your occulus. This is no innocuous rift, it is an interactive experience designed for 360 degree 3d goggles, and also as a smartphone app, and also it’s the uplifting opening to an otherwise dark and bleepy album “Damogen Furies” by Warp Records doyen, Tom Jenkison aka Squarepusher. Read my interview with him for the Quietus here.

The Melvins – Youth of America
As soon as I heard this I knew I was going to love the Melvins new album/re-release package. Loud, dirty and badass rockin. – Phil

Daughn Gibson – Shatter You Through

Imagine Nick Cave with the production of James Blake and you’re close to the dystopian Twin Peaks style troubadour Daughn Gibson and this stand out from his new Sub Pop album “Carnation”. – Nick

Crocodiles – Foolin’ Around

Childish and self consciously annoying like all the best punks are, Crocodiles don’t give a monkey’s if you like them or not. Normally they love a Jesus & Mary Chain hookline, but on this one it’s more like Michael Jackson “Beat It” and for a summer punk anthem it’ll take some beating that’s fo’sho. – Nick

Faith No More – Motherfucker

Sounding like a song from FNM’s excellent and underrated ‘Album of the Year’, when I listen to ’Sol Invictus’ this Motherfucker stands out every time. – Phil

Clark – To Live & Die in Grantham

Been on a bit of a Warp tip this month, and the “Flame Rave” EP by Clark  is awesome. Most recently ripping up the turf at Victoria Park, he’s also been living and dying in Grantham, and once you’ve heard this once, you’ll be dying to hear it again. – Nick

Bite The Buffalo – Polka Dots
Rockabilly love from the Greek/African brothers Bite The Buffalo, cool riffs and beer soaked vocals – Twist and Shout meets Johnny Be Goode and of course there’s that video. Get your beard on. – Phil

The Parrots – Terror

Listening to this always reminds of the band in From Dusk Till Dawn, when they turn into vampires. It may be short but for me it sums up the band – a party I want to be at even if there’s a good chance I’ll be killed by the intoxicated undead. – Phil