“SONG FOR EWE” is the feature where artists & music people beloved by VELVET SHEEP choose an obscure song they’ve been listening to that day.

Today’s guest is the toast of the town, chief toaster and singer for The Specials, Fun Boy Three, Special Beat (with Ranking Roger of The Beat) and his own The Neville Staple Band.

Neville Staple Band Logo

Although Terry wanted to enjoy himself first, it’s easy to argue that this man enjoys himself the most. A ska legend, a national treasure, the writer of a fantastic autobiography “Original Rude Boy”, manager, mentor and the guy who sang “Bernie Rhodes knows don’t argue”, I am so honoured to announce an all-time musical hero with his song choice on Velvet Sheep – Mr. Neville Staple I salute ewe!

Sugary n Nev

First, a quick update about Neville’s activity from his manager & wife, Christine Sugary Staple:

“Neville Staple is currently in huge demand and is touring across the UK, Europe and Australia this Summer, including his 7th appearance at Glastonbury. He has just completed his latest album and the release date will be announced this Summer, as well as co-produced his wife Christine Sugary Staple’s new album, both with collaboration and support from their long time friend, Mike Bennett.”

Here’s Mike’s “song for ewe” lest we forget his great choice of The Sensational Alex Harvey Band.

MIKE BENNETT producer of THE FALL – Song For Ewe

“He has been recording a variety of TV Shows that will air on Vintage TV and Sky Arts over the next couple of months, as well as special BBC Radio recordings with Pete Waterman.

This Autumn sees Neville on a special joint ‘Spoken Word’ book tour, with Rick Buckler, from The Jam, at the same time as doing a massive ‘new album tour’, whilst appearing at his wife’s much celebrated Skamouth Festival.

In the rare time that Neville has a break between his busy schedule, both he and his wife continue to work extensively with the 2-Tone Village, various charities, local schools and young bands; offering support, fund-raising and guidance.”


And now with no further ado, it’s over to Neville for his top ranking song choice:

“I love this guy, but had not met him until my wife Christine Sugary Staple invited him to come from Jamaica to perform at her Skamouth Festival, in the UK a few years ago. We got on like old time friends and see each other regularly now, when I visit Jamaica. Stranger asked Christine Sugary and me to do a cover of his super hit, ‘When I Call Your Name’.

He loved the result and it will be on either mine or her new albums, released this Summer. I chose ‘Rough and Tough’ by Stranger, as I was listening to it today and remembered that I covered it some years ago, on my Conquering Ruler album, plus I have a rare version of it too, that Stranger gave me earlier this year. The song sums up my childhood.

I listened and danced to tracks like this as a kid. This one was played all the time when I was about 9 years old, which was about 4 years after I came to live in the UK. It was also part of my own ‘Jah Baddis’ Sound system set list in my teen years; and a real crowd-pleaser. You can’t help but shuffle, swing and skank to this tune. I dare you not to..! Big up the legendary Mr ‘Rough and Tough’ Stranger Cole.”

Stranger Cole “Rough & Tough”

(here’s a different version of it too, with a pic of the man himself)