“SONG FOR EWE” is the feature where artists beloved by VELVET SHEEP choose an obscure song they’ve been listening to that day.

While much of what Velvet Sheep loves is 90s/80s era punk, post-punk, grunge and garage, since we are stuck in a super-niche middle aged time warp, we do like some contemporary operators. And especially those who obfuscate time and space with hypnotic drones to remind us of that first gig me and Phil went to, watching Terminal Cheescake at the Marquee.

One of the best labels out there at the moment is Rocket Recordings, with releases from the likes of Gnod, Shit & Shine Hey Colussus and Teeth of the Sea. My favourite is the whimsical psych of Lay Llamas, a mostly two piece led by sonic visionary with an all-seeing peacock eye, Nicola Giunta


Last year, the Italian via outer-space psych band Lay Llamas released “Ostro” and toured with Swedish voodoo rock freaks Goat, also firm favourites with Velvet Sheep. Hey, Llamas, Goat & Sheep – it’s the perfect combo. While Goat are putting a deep hex on your ass, Ginuta’s Llamas are looking deep into your eyes (not around your eyes) with a hypnotic stare before an unexpected spit comes like a percocet.

Their gig with Goat at London’s Roundhouse has been recorded for posterity and is being released on 4zerorecords with the apt title “Space Jungle Mantra” so it seemed timely to ask the band’s spiritual leader Giunta to choose a song that he’s been enjoying recently.

Over to Nicola:

“Many times people asked me about my love for psychedelic music and culture.

So asking for bands, musicians, records, etc. to consider as inspirational stuff for my making music as Lay Llamas. For sure it’s a quite hard question for me. 

Early Pink Floyd Barrett-era? Terry Riley, Steve Reich and american minimalism? 

Six Organs of Admittance and other acid folk heads like him? 

Of course, I love that music! But digging into my childhood memories I can remember a song titled ‘Il Mondo’ (The World). An Italian pop hit from 1965 sung by Jimmy Fontana. 

Well, after 25 years, I was 9 at that time, from the minute I listened that tape I like to consider it as my first psychedelic experience in music. 

Here are some quotes from the lyrics: “…it turns, the world turns, in the endless space, with loves that have just begun with loves that have already died, with the joy and with the pain of people like me… oh world, only now I look at you, in your silence I disappear, and I am nothing next to you… the world has not stopped even for a time, the night always follows the day and the day will come…”.

Really REALLY tripping!!!


You can buy “Space Jungle Mantra” here…

Or, “Ostro” here from Rocket Recordings…