“SONG FOR EWE” is the feature where artists & music people beloved by VELVET SHEEP choose an obscure song they’ve been listening to that day. Today, it’s a Brucie Bonus end of year round up special, and another entry for our beloved Nightingales. While “The Top Shelf” from future classic “Four Against Fate” is the Velvet Sheep “song of the year 2020”, I wanted to give a jingle bell festooned mention in dispatches to the song from the same album “Neverender” which is my (making up a new category here cos why not?) “xmas song of the year” pretty much by dint that it starts with sleighbells and bandleader and eminence gris Robert Lloyd says “Merry Christmas baby!” in his inimitable baritone at the end…in a Santa and his Elvis like nod.

Cos it’s an excuse to give salutations and sing hosanna to another ‘Gales tune i’ve loved this year, I thought as well as finding out Fliss Kitson’s “song of the year” (the ace Wolfhounds as it transpired) I’d ask guitarist extraordinaire Jim Smith for his choice of xmas tune. Given that “Neverender” sees a Gales debut for Jim’s vocals, he’s already as Christmassy as local hero Noddy Holder, so it’s welcome back and Merry Xmas to Jim!

Without further ado, it’s over to Jim for his eggnog flavoured but definitely not cheesy “Xmas song for ewe”…

“I’m a massive fan of the Xmas song and obviously being a Midlander love that golden year of 1973 when Slade and Wizzard released the two classic Christmas songs in one year! But for this year I thought what better song than Johnny Dowd with “Christmas Is Just Another Day.”

Johnny Dowd is a prolific twisted Americana songwriter from Ithaca NY. His albums veer from straight country to weird funk and residents style weirdness. His main lyrical obsessions are the usual country subjects divorce, booze and Jesus but also at least one song an album about his dislike for Christmas. (See also his mangling of Jingle Bells!) This song hits the nail on the head for Christmas haters in the way it can just remind you of missing loved ones, in this case his mum. Merry Christmas!”


You can get “Four Against Fate” on the ever brilliant Tiny Global Productions here….

And in case you missed it, here’s Fliss’ “song of the year”…

NIGHTINGALES “THE TOP SHELF” – V.S. Song of the Year 2020 & new “song for ewe”