“SONG FOR EWE” is the feature where artists & music people beloved by VELVET SHEEP choose an obscure song they’ve been listening to that day. Today, we are celebrating Velvet Sheep’s “Song of the Year” in this, the strangest of annums, a year when today’s recipients the outsider’s outsider band, the roister doistering people’s champs, The Nightingales, should have been out tearing the road up and gleefully receiving the plaudits due to what is their finest ever album “Four Against Fate” (Tiny Global Productions) – the high watermark of an upward crest white horse of a new wave, built on the backs of their greatest ever and longest serving line up. That they’ve never played any of the songs on the album live yet is an absolute travesty that will be surely rectified sooner or later, but that the album was released into the black hole of lockdown is no matter – this wasn’t so much pissed into the wind, as shouted down the streets. With the imminent release of their “King Rocker” film written by long term advocate Stewart Lee, they will surely take all the plaudits they deserve.

For me the absolute stand out of an electrifying and edifying album is the song “The Top Shelf”. It’s our song of the year, starting as it does with the strangely prescient if not persistent cough of post punk paragon Robert Lloyd and barrelling along with the tub-thumping momentum of best drummer in the UK indie underground Fliss Kitson and their now customary lyrical cut and thrust, foil and parry, bat and ball. Fliss has come up trumps with many “songs for ewe” on this site, and she is always at the top of the guest list, so I asked her to choose her own favourite song of the year. It turns out that despite it being a tougher task than she anticipated, Fliss has gone for another long standing cult band beloved of this site, who are also in not so much an Indian summer as a complete creative heatwave.

But before that, behold “The Top Shelf” – Velvet Sheep’s “Song of the Year 2020″…

And if you haven’t already, please do purchase “Four Against Fate” by the Gales…

But what of The Nightingales’ very own Fliss Kitson’s “song of the year” for a turbulent 2020? Without further ado, here it is for “ewe”…

“I have probably listened to less new music this year than any other year. I spent most of my time listening to bands of the past that I’ve never got round to before…. Big Star, Elevators, West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band… it’s been psychedelic baby! But I suppose, and it’s kind of awful to admit, I just didn’t have the urge to listen to other musicians being productive and doing really well this year. I wasn’t mentally there for it. Even though we had an album out in May, it was recorded in Oct 2019 and I haven’t played a gig since May 2019. I’m pining for productivity and being on stage. It’s been tough and not a nice feeling to have.

However, there was a day where I was about to take a long walk to meet a friend at a boozer. I had just seen that The Wolfhounds had a new record out so thought I’d put my walk to good use and listen to their new record! I really did smile the whole walk, it was and is a brilliant record. Sounds totally different to what I’ve heard of them before.. one track actually remind me of early ‘Gales with a Lloyd twang in his voice… but this one song ‘….and Electric Music’ is a stand out for me. A throbbing, grinding repetitive guitar riff with synths kicking in and out with this fantastic ear worm melody. It inspired me, which was a nice feeling to have again.

Bravo the Wolfhounds, you picked me out of my slump!”


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