“SONG FOR EWE” is the feature where artists & music people beloved by VELVET SHEEP choose an obscure song they’ve been listening to that day. Today’s guest originally hails from New Zealand and has now transmogrified to Hackney London, and describes her elusive side-walking shadow dwelling style as “collage-rock” (definitely not to be confused with college rock).

Introduced to KRO Records by musician mentor and mate Yves Tumor, debut record the “Dogs & Gods” EP features magpie-like genius steals from the likes of all kinds of dark entries from Bauhaus to the Crystal Stilts via Siouxsie Sioux and Suicide. In fact Siouxsie Suicide would be a great name for a band, as is October and the Eyes. Except there’s no I in October (or team). Although there is definitely an October in October and the Eyes, and since we’re here in the self same month, it’s only fitting to welcome to VS – October!

Here’s the lead song from said EP “All My Love” which is not only deeply personal but transpired to be chillingly prophetic. October had self-avowed never to write anything as cloying as a love song, but as Lydon said “This is not a love song” it is a song about lust (as October says herself). And the object of that, ended up self-destructed from afar “in tin cans and other crumbs of temporary self satisfaction” like a key and killer lyric…

While some may be afixed in a gaze of carnal longing, others may be stopped in their tracks in a piercing mid-gig death stare, as October has been known to do at some gigs. An experience however unnerving it’s one that many in our lockdown stasis would love to replicate soon. In the meantime, the next best thing is the EP which is just as intimate and immediate, with it’s intoxicating mix of 4AD wispiness with Ivy Rorschach attitude (red raw artwork below).

There’s nothing predictable about October and that extends to her arrestingly edutaining choice of tune for this feature, so without further ado, here’s October’s “song for ewe”…

“I haven’t stopped listening to ‘Your Dream’ by Kim Jung Mi since I somehow discovered it through some sort of algorithmic blessing.

I believe she was a bit of a psych-rock superstar in her home country Korea in the 70’s. That voice! To me ‘Your Dream’ embodies every element of the perfect song – it’s bittersweet, triumphant and above all, catchy as hell.

I don’t know what she’s saying, but it breaks my heart every time, and that’s the power of music in a nutshell. I can only hope to write a song half as good as this one day. Kim Jung Mi forever”


Pre-order the “Dogs & Gods” EP (out on 20th Nov via KRO Records) here.