The original Velvet Sheep fanzine issue 12 featuring an interview with Pavement’s Bob Nastanovich

“SHEEP DIP TIP” is a feature where Velvet Sheep icons pass on their top tips for future heroes.

The inaugural tipster is a man who knows all about backing the right horse, latter day racing expert and formerly beloved drummer –


Picking up “Slanted & Enchanted” by Pavement in 1991 was a revelation – not so much a Rowche Rumble as a louche tumble of lopsided Americana caught in a dragnet of dry humour and barbed rhythms.

At the time The Fall were in “Free Range-ah” territory and experimenting early dance excursions so I hadn’t experienced the bass-driven repetition and lo-fi f-u of their early work. As a result Pavement were a rabble of unfashionable punks and ne’er do-wells playing indie rock that I could truly get with.

It felt DIY and along with the explosion of Nirvana and the rise of riot grrrl was at the heart of me deciding to write “Velvet Sheep”.

I was lucky enough that one of my first interviews for the ‘zine was a phoner with Bob Nastanovich of Pavement. The band had two drummers, the eccentric Gary Young who’d taken to handing out celery to the crowd and doing handstands across the stage, and Bob who kept the band in time as per the brief. Young was replaced but Bob remained and by the time of my interview it was the band’s breakthrough album “Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain”. Single and video “Cut Your Hair” then enshrined Bob in legend forever with the refrain “Did you see the drummer’s hair?” (a bowl cut at the time as he confessed to me).

Since then, Pavement secured legendary status, came back and slayed all over again. Bob played in his second cult band Silver Jews, who are due for a comeback with new material some time soon, and as well as running horse stables and visiting every racetrack in England, Anglo and audiophile Bob’s been managing an ecletic stable of acts including the excellent Dolfish.

In his role as thoroughbred svengali, I asked him who we should be looking out for…

Over to Bob:

On the current tip, I’ll row in with the Des Moines, Iowa act Gloom Balloon headed by the showman Patrick Tape Fleming.

This guy, who led the energetic band Poison Control Center for years, puts it all in with Gloom Balloon, mostly a solo project with the aid of music whiz Chris Ford.

Gloom Balloon is an emotional, in your face act that I look forward to importing to the U.K. later this year. This is a vid for one of their singles “She Was The One Got Away”:

Thanks to Bob Nastanovich.