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“SONG FOR EWE” is the feature where artists beloved by VELVET SHEEP choose an obscure song they’ve been listening to that day.

Today’s guest is a man, a musician but definitely not a muppet, whom the authorities know as Ali Wells. His label Perc Trax has been slowly exploding for ten years, originally as an imprint for his own distorted, bass worrying techno shash, but then releasing top notch electro noise from the likes of Truss, Martyn Hare, Drvg Cvltvre and Phosphene, and if it’s possible he’s even elevated the acid 30h3 adventures of Daniel Avery to new levels. This is someone who can add power ups to any pulsing dance groove, part DAF, part Kraftwerk, part LFO, part Deja Vu recordings, two parts PVA glue to one part water. It’s Perc

Photo shoot with Perc, 23/10/2014, London

Photo shoot with Perc, 23/10/2014, London

I got into Perc via the passionate patronage of The Quietus who I also write for. After enjoying the virtues of the album by Untold, the next obviously concrete crushing step was the no holds barred reverb, dub and drills on the quite-rightly heralded Perc album “The Power & The Glory”.

With it came perhaps the political anthem of the year, the laughing gas policeman menace of “David & George”. It turns out after the election machinations of May that you have to laugh or else you’d cry.

I knew I’d love the album when it started with snatched sound of an interview with Mike Patton talking about how the best tunes come out of jokes and accidents. There’s no doubting that Perc is a punk. In a time where things have gone back to how I remembered them in the angsty 80s politically yet the status quo is maintained by apathetic zombies glued to Netflix and consoles, Perc is a refreshing blast of anti-establishment anger, only really matched by The Black Dog, Powell and Sleaford Mods.

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“Gob” by Perc, front cover

Just about to release the punishing but pleasing 12″ “Gob” (none more punk), I asked Perc to choose his “song for ewe” and it was pleasingly obtuse, but has also made me go back and DL their “Best Of”…

Over to Ali A.K.A. Perc:

“A chance charity shop find today gifted me with my first ever vinyl copy of Blanmange’s ‘Happy Families’ LP and especially their hit ‘Living On The Ceiling’. If you don’t know the track, it is the kind of strange, outward looking fusionist pop that littered the 80’s charts and which would barely get a second of major label A&R attention these days. Electro pop with eastern touches and a video that has to be seen to been believed.”


Check Perc Trax site here.

“Gob” is out on 17th August. Follow @PERCTRAX