If your idea of the Manchester scene equates to male dominated bands, bickering members & eyebrows so big they need a dog license, then PINS will be like a breath of fresh beer. Sounding like an undead band from the Russ Meyer horror classic he never made, “Wild Nights”‘ brand of intense psychedelia could grow into the soundtrack of your after-hours festival summer. It seems lazy to mention that PINS are an all girl group, & it truly shouldn’t matter, except for the fact there are still too few female rock bands, meaning it does still matter. Personally, I can’t see the Hole comparisons many are jumping upon, to me they sound like the haunted ghost of Marie Wilson (not that she’s dead, sorry Marie) with punkier guitars, more attitude & more swagger but with all of the 80s queen’s pop lust.

Rating: Girls Gone Wild 

‘WildNights’ is released June 8th and available to pre-order now: