Photo: Stephanie Weber Biron

“SONG FOR EWE” is the feature where artists & music people beloved by VELVET SHEEP choose an obscure song they’ve been listening to that day. Today’s guest is a composer and cellist par excellence who used to operate under the monikers Saltland and Esmerine and was a member of Thee Silver Mt. Zion. These days Rebecca Foon is recording under her own name and has a new album of mellifluous magnificence called “Waxing Moon” which features such luminaries and iridescent players as Richard Reed Perry (Arcade Fire), Sophie Trudeau (Godspeed You Black Emperor), Jace Lasek (The Besnard Lakes), Mishka Stein (Patrick Watson) and Patrick Watson himself. At a time when we could seriously use some palliative care, the music of “Waxing Moon” is like the ebb and flow of a mesmeric tide, or the hypnotic draw of a murmuration of starlings over an endless coast, like Kate Bush singing plaintively over Warren Ellis’ soundtrack for “Gauguin”. It’s a welcome relief to introduce to these pages, the mystical melancholy and serene solitude of Rebecca Foon!

First behold the visual and audio beauty of the “Vessels” video featuring winsome guest vocals from Patrick Watson and beautifully moving dancing from Sasha Korbut and Karine Plantadit….

Not only has “Waxing Moon” seen a retirement of the Saltland alter ego of more electronic tinged strings, this album is piano driven, with direct and intensely personal lyrical focus – delicate and haunting, tapping into both personal and universal heartbreak to great effect. Full of texture and portent, all proceeds from the album sale will go to Pathway to Paris, a collective which “brings together musicians, artists, activists, academics, mayors and innovators to help raise consciousness surrounding the urgency of climate action and offers solutions to turning the Paris Agreement into action” (alongside other releases by Jesse Paris Smith and Michael Stipe). This is an organisation which Foon co-founded and the climate crisis has been critical to her political and artistic life for many years now, and it is at the root of the song she’s chosen for this piece. So without futher ado, it’s over to Rebecca Foon with a “song for ewe”…

“I have been listening over and over to Jesse Paris Smith’s first ever solo release called ‘Legacies”.

The powerful lyrics and her voice along with the sweet sounds of the ukulele ring so deep, highlighting themes we are collectively facing as a planet such as climate disaster, the global impacts of consumption, greed and power, and a warning of the possibility of human extinction.

The song shines an idea of hope, acknowledging that this is perhaps our last moment to come together as a planet, but that we have the tools to awaken and shift out of this cycle of destruction. A beautiful optimism weaves through the melodies of the song, a golden light appearing through the shadows, in the sweetness of her voice and ukulele that transports you into another world, remembering how precious and beautiful life is.”


Rebecca Foon “Waxing Moon” is out now on Constellation Records…here’s all the socials and info…



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