Birmingham garage vigilates’ new vinyl venture




I’m here with Black Mekon and his brother Black Mekon and we’re knocking back bourbon in Christ’s Gasoline chewing the fat.

They’ve given me honour of passing you. The Velvet Sheep readers, a brand new video directed by the always talented Mr Radar for the ear ripping, already classic, ‘One By One’

Black Mekon’s brother Black Mekon also spoke to me about their new 45 CONSORTIUM as well.

“Over the span of 12 months members will receive SIX exclusive 7 inch records featuring new Black Mekon songs on one side and VERY special guests on the flipside with bands like King Brothers, White Mystery and The Jam Messengers and more. As well as the delicious physical vinyl delivered fresh to your door you also get codes for downloadable versions of the recordings plus a special extra ‘C’ side.
You’ll also get access to a private online area with exclusive digital extras, a members button and patch to show your affiliation, stickers, art and any other oddities that we see fit to throw in. We want the Velvet Sheep readers to check us out at and dig on all that”

..and with that Black Mekon and Black Mekon left me to pick up the tab and headed off into the glorious distance.”