sudakistan album

I first met Luke Reilly of Stockholm based garage/psych/punk label PNKSLM when his then band The Lusts were brought on the bill of a Velvet Sheep gig at the Whitechapel Gallery on the recommendation of my Birmingham ColdRice label buddies The Big Bang. Borrowing amps and mustering drums when they plugged in they nearly made ears bleed such was their high end trouble making garage treble. I became mates with Luke, and really wanted to give him a job in TV, but then he ended up working with an old pal Alex Hoffman (now of VICE) at MTV but later came back and headlined another VS gig at the Whitechapel with his next band the Gun Club inspired Sex Beet. Ever the entrepreneur, skinny of tie and big of idea, Luke went off to find his fortune playing gigs in Europe and settling in Stockholm, where he next landed up promoting the as it turns out brilliant “World Music” album by psych warriors GOAT.

His label PNKSLM started as a blog, grew into a label and is now becoming something like a phenomenon. Effortlessly cool, with cult cachet and tastefully brilliant packaging, it’s Castle Face meets Factory Records and after a release of old Birmingham chums Black Mekon, Luke Reilly has really luking for something original to call his own. Beyond stormers by his own latest band/muse Lucern Raze and the Red Cords, I reckon he’s truly hit paydirt with SUDAKISTAN.

I’d already heard their banger “Dale Gas” but this “Caballo Negro” is their first album and boy what a record!

Sounding like an Eastern European outpost, but based in Stockholm and of Latin American descent, Sudakistan are like Carlos Santana had gaffa-taped John Dwyer to a stink pipe and bum rushed Thee Oh Sees at a roof top gig of SXSW. The percussive cursives of some irresistible timpanis and berating bongos add to a tribal maelstrom not seen since, well yeah I said it GOAT. It’s a full on psychobilly freakout, that has moments of gothic clarity like Thee Oh Sees most recent opus “Mutilator Defeated At Last” but also complete squalling firestorms of guitar not heard since White Hills classic “H-P1”.

You just know these guys chew up the rug then rip it from under you when they play live, like they were born to do it and with a debut that’s at a perfect commute length of 40 odd mins, you’re transported literally away to some half-conscious hinter world of psychedelic heaven/hell in equal measure not heard since Anthroprophh or The Heads. The album’s true majesty is it’s closer, the soaring but rhythmic (and almost impossible to pronounce) “Skymning” which shows that this band’s not just for a sweaty club it’s also for your svelte earphones.


SUDAKISTAN “CABALLO NEGRO” available here on PNKSLM Records