By Thomas “T-Bird” Jones


Keep your eyes and ears open In a small secluded corner of Lisbon, Portugal and you will find one of the most amazing nights of Rock ‘n Roll in your life. The Wonderland Club is run by Ian Witchell, a Welsh man of impeccable taste in music.


Assisted by Maria P and some of Europe and the World’s greatest DJ’s he manages to outdo himself each and every night leaving you aching for more… Be it putting bands on of the calibre of Kid Congo, Copter, The Messer Chups or just having a balls to the wall party where you will hear the best Soul and Rock ‘n Roll out there.

Having conquered Lisbon and the rest of Portugal, The Wonderland Club has spread its wings around Europe to places such as Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam and even here in Birmingham. Ive been lucky enough to travel over to Lisbon many times be it playing with Swampmeat, DJ’n or just to hang out with my good buddies and each time the welcome I received was one of the warmest, kindest ones you could wish for.


I can now count Ian as a very close friend and discovering we were born in the same small Welsh town only added to the bond. I advise anybody travelling to Portugal and especially Lisbon to check out when and where the Wonderland Club is next on as its something you wont regret and when youre walking through the deserted streets at six in the morning with your ears ringing and your heart beating fast with the excitement of the night before you may just thank me for directing you to the night of you life…

THANKS AS ALWAYS TO THOMAS “T-BIRD” JONES, man and garage legend.